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Felipe & Carolina Telona (© 2003 Jonathan S. Marion)

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Felipe & Carolina Telona (© 2003 Jonathan S. Marion)

Description: Taken at 2003 Can-Am Dancesport Gala [url=]J. S. Marion Photography[/url]
Date Added: October 06, 2003 06:15:53 PM
Published by: SDsalsaguy  [More photos from SDsalsaguy]
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dancergal:October 10, 2003 17:20
Great photo! You must be right in front of them huh?

SDsalsaguy:October 12, 2003 15:46
Thanks dancergal! :d

If I remember correctly I think I was about 25- 30 feet away form Felipe and Carolina when I snapped this particular shot of them.

borikensalsero:October 21, 2003 14:55
SD.. THIS IS MY FAVORITE PICTURE. It is absolutely fabulous.... I love, love, love it... You have a great eye...

SDsalsaguy:October 21, 2003 16:17
Hey boriken...glad you like this shot so much.

FYI, they are really great people off the floor as well. We were all staying at her parent's house in Toronto for this particular event and I stayed with them again, at his parent's place in LA, for a different comp, the very next weekend.

SDsalsaguy:December 28, 2003 22:07
Glad you liked the shot dolceamore! :)

borikensalsero:March 24, 2004 13:35
WOW!!! WEPA!!! This is plain good old fun. He is delighted to be there and with her. She seems to be screaming with her hand at the spectators to come to the place they are at! Dance heaven! Ahhhhh.... Now, can I dance with any of this ladies you know. I might just have to move to Cali...

I just love how her hands just seems to seek capture of my heart...

Pacion:March 24, 2004 20:04
SD, I just love this photo! It is very theatrical and SHE is really projecting/giving her all. When one thinks that almost 100 years ago, a female showing her ankles or "touching a guy she wasn't married to" was almost a death sentence, this photo shows how times have moved on when it comes to dancing.

Oh, and her eyes are very striking also.

This photo gives me the "wow" factor. I look at it, and look at it, and forget to go on to the next one ;)

DancePoet:March 29, 2004 23:34
Great shot! Would be nice to see his other arm, but maybe it's behind him? Makes you want to see how they got to this position!

cocodrilo:May 26, 2004 10:20

peachexploration:July 11, 2004 20:37
Verrryy nice shot! Like this one alot.

SDsalsaguy:July 12, 2004 0:05
Thanks Peach! Seems like, overall, this is everyone's favorite!

SDsalsaguy:July 12, 2004 0:09
Oh yeah, for another shot of Felipe & Carolina, see [url=]here[/url]!

jelui:July 14, 2004 14:06
Hi SDsalsaguy,

That's a very nice shot. You know I've been searching for a pair of couple to perform for my wedding event this coming soon. I wonder if you can suggest me any of these dancers?

SDsalsaguy:July 14, 2004 14:21
Heya jelui! Thanks! Where do you live (actually, where will the wedding be)? What's the date? Any preferences regarding style (i.e. Latin, Rhythm, Ballroom, Smooth)? What size floor will be available?

jelui:July 14, 2004 15:24
Oh, the wedding will be held in Milpitas, CA and is on Sept. 5th, 2004. I am looking for couple dancer to perform for the song, "Vogue" by Madonna. The dance style should be up to the dancers because I am not familiar with it. I only need them to perform for one song. Good that you ask about the dance floor =) Actually, the dance floor is not very spacious. It measurements are roughly only 10'X7'. Thanks for your info.

SDsalsaguy:July 14, 2004 19:54
Hmmm, I think that Laura already gave you a good starting point over in the Ballroom forum. Just so you know though, you may have a hard time finding someone for that date since the Embassy Ball will be finishing up down in LA and even those who don't head down for that will probably be gearing up for the USDSC which starts 2 days later in FL.

Twilight_Elena:February 10, 2006 6:30
Amazing shot, SD.

Twilight Elena

pr:March 28, 2006 8:47
A very good picture SD! :D

SDsalsaguy:March 30, 2006 1:00
Thanks pr!

elisedance:October 09, 2007 21:47
Just saw this for the first time SD - what a shot. congrats!

Josh:November 26, 2007 15:18
for the record, I split my pants the night before show rehersal doing this very pose. it haunts me to this day.....


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