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where is the hand going...

Description: No No No... sabor, the hand isn't going somewhere it shouldn't... It's the angle of the picture. =P
Date Added: September 24, 2004 04:08:16 AM
Published by: borikensalsero  [More photos from borikensalsero]
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scorpionguy:September 24, 2004 7:44
A likely story that is! :tongue:

borikensalsero:September 24, 2004 7:56
I knew I'd forgotten a wise one... :P

scorpionguy:September 24, 2004 10:09
You know, I was out dancing a few weeks ago and my partner whispered to me "does it bother you that my hand touches your butt when you spin around and switch hands like that?"...ack...I hadn't ever realized that my hand was a bit too low! Luckily she was a friend but I was soooo embarassed! :sad: :tongue:

Sagitta:September 25, 2004 11:50
I thought that's where her hand is supposed to go.. Now I;m really confused. 6 plus months of doing this and it is wrong?!! :-(


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