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Melina and Detlef

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Melina and Detlef

Date Added: October 08, 2003 06:57:18 AM
CategoryArgentine Tango
Published by: Lucrezia  [More photos from Lucrezia]
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DancePoet:March 29, 2004 21:27
Is she teasing while trying to lure him into her world, while he is uncertain or playing hard to get? Very subtle, and that's what tango is, when done poetically. Would have been neat to have this centered, and the darkness in the upper right corner would be gone, but perhaps there is a good reason why it was not. Maybe we wouldn't be able to see the clasped hands and not know this was a dance. I'm impressed that this moment was captured, and it makes me wish I could see these folks live.

Dancedance4eva:November 29, 2006 15:13
aww that look like love!


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