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Sergey Ryupin & Elena Khvorova

Description: [url=]J. S. Marion Photography[/url]
Date Added: October 02, 2004 02:22:45 AM
Published by: SDsalsaguy  [More photos from SDsalsaguy]
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mamboqueen:October 07, 2004 19:25
I can do that.

On a balance beam.

Hee hee!

DancePoet:October 07, 2004 20:50
Cool shot!

Too bad we can not see the faces, yet this captures a moment of balance and beauty!

SDsalsaguy:October 07, 2004 21:06
LOL. Tell you what DP, next time *you* tell them which direction to face, ok? ;)

DancePoet:October 07, 2004 21:11
SD: Hey, I would have been lucky to get a shot like this! :)

Dom:October 21, 2004 11:34
DP, notice nobody is looking at them anyways...hehe

SDsalsaguy:October 21, 2004 12:06

Not really true Dom, they were *much* closer to my side of the floor. ;)


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