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I found this on some website...

Description: I was surfing on some website and was amazed by the picture
Date Added: November 16, 2004 10:08:33 PM
CategoryArgentine Tango
Published by: Soņador  [More photos from Soņador]
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Pacion:November 19, 2004 18:04

Pacion:November 19, 2004 18:04
I love it! Thanks Sonador!

borikensalsero:November 22, 2004 14:16

redbeard6:September 05, 2005 17:11
google Image search "tango" shows this pic at left/photoauswahl1.htm

but actual page will not open. go to and try to find it...DJ

youngregina:July 29, 2008 16:11
A tall girl ! Like me!! YES, beautiful


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