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Isabelle's in Ohio!

Description: a picture of Isabelle McRaven and me (a la Sabor style) and Paul in the background desperatly wanting to hug Isabelle.
Date Added: December 03, 2004 01:29:43 PM
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Published by: admin  [More photos from admin]
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SDsalsaguy:December 03, 2004 17:02
Too cute! :)

Vince A:December 03, 2004 18:33
What do you mean cute? She is beautiful . . . the dog is cute!

Sabor:December 05, 2004 5:23
'a la Sabor style' huh ..LOL well, whatever u say muchacha ..

luv them 'blues' ;)

Porfirio Landeros:December 05, 2004 19:59
Is Paul looking at hugging Isabelle or YOU ;-)

Larinda McRaven:December 07, 2004 13:59
:d yup, he only had eyes for Isabelle that evening.

She is definately a Mommas Girl. She loves attention from everyone, but only Mom gets the hugs.

Vince A:December 09, 2004 13:55
"Lucky dog!"


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