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Too much to handle

Description: I have porblems dancing with one lady, and somehow I was "coerced" into dancing with two. =/
Date Added: June 02, 2005 12:08:16 PM
Published by: borikensalsero  [More photos from borikensalsero]
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hopelessly_addicted:June 03, 2005 6:36
oh my.. you've got long eye lashes (well they're visible so they're long/thick)

So you've been dancing even though you've taken a long hiatus from DF! :) I love seeing your pictures Boriken!

borikensalsero:June 03, 2005 16:24
Thank you so much Hoplessly_addicted! Yes, I've tried to go out once a week to shake it all about.

I think that my lashes look long because I'm going bald so they appear longer than they are. =) They aren't stubbly though...

hopelessly_addicted:June 04, 2005 4:03
LOL come on.. what's that got to do with the long eye lashes.. I think I noticed it cause I have a thing for guys with beautiful eyes and long eye lashes ;) I think your eye lashes are eccetuated by your souful gaze towards the lady in front of you. Can't believe how graceful you look when "juggling" two ladies at one time! :)

borikensalsero:June 06, 2005 14:32
Well, I figured the lack of it brings attention to areas where there are some. :) I love eye contact when I dance, and most of all, cater to the lady. I have a thing of myself; eyebrows. I love beautiful eyebrows, on the thicker side which give the eyes such a penetrating look. Ahhh...

If a lead can figure-out how to move his hands, sensually, during leads, it creates quite the surrender of the follow to his every wish. The simplest of touches can create such a soothing feeling. I Love it!

Thank you so much! :d


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