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Coach's Corner

Your Plan for Success as a Competitive Dance Couple by Glenn Weiss

Jan 3, 2013 |
As a competitive dance couple there are many things of great importance to consider and to work on. In my opinion the place to start is with structure and organization. This covers areas such as ...

Are you Working Too Hard in your Dancing? by Anna Mikhed

Jan 11, 2013 |
EFFICIENCY IS THE KEY. I heard this phrase from my teachers again and again when I was competing... I realize the importance of this statement as I am teaching my students now.. Not only in ...

Dance is the Poetry of the Foot by Judi Hatton

Jan 18, 2013 |
Dance is the Poetry of the Foot - John Dryden The above statement/headline was written by English poet John Dryden who lived from 1631-1700, and is as true today as it was centuries ago in ...

The Core

Mar 7, 2013 |
by Maria Hansen One of the most popular “buzzword phrases” that I hear today is “You gotta use your core!” Everyone knows that “the core” (also known ...

Leading and Following

Mar 15, 2013 |
by Maja Serve I was trained in England by some of the greatest teachers at the time. They all helped me find things of value. I do however feel there were two teachers that had more ...

Common Mistakes Couples Make When Trying to Make Big Shapes

Apr 15, 2013 |
That is a question that has become a big issue in the last decade.  There is so much misunderstanding about this subject that the results that the dancers are coming up with, are almost ...

How to Dance Tango Without Using Up Your Energy

Apr 15, 2013 |
This is another topic that is often misunderstood. Most people/students are shocked when I claim that Tango is the softest dance of all of them. It is the dance where we have to be the most ...

The Root Cause of Neck Pain

Apr 15, 2013 |
How many ladies have issues with neck pain in dancing? Do you find yourself praying to get through the round when you’re just in the middle of the Viennese Waltz? Do you ...