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How to Dance Tango Without Using Up Your Energy

Maja ServeThis is another topic that is often misunderstood. Most people/students are shocked when I claim that Tango is the softest dance of all of them. It is the dance where we have to be the most relaxed for it to long strong. I am not going to make this information and technique into rocket science as it is really very, very logic and simple. You must however leave your feelings and your ego, of what you feel and think you should do, at the door to get this concept as it is so different from what is often heard.

I know I am repeating myself from the other article that I wrote. I am however going to say this again to make sure it is very clear. In my third lesson with Benny Tolmeyer, he told me that even in my wildest imagination I would not be able to imaging what it would take to create the look of great dancing. Boy, was he right in every way. I was shocked with how difference it was to what I thought it should be like or what the end result would be. Benny used to say that if you were a world finalist than he would be willing to listen to your feelings and what you had to say about the technically aspect. I know from my 20+ years of coaching that most couples that I teach do have a hard time with this concept in the beginning. It will take a little time to convince your feelings and ego that this will work. I do suggest that you use video of your dancing in the beginning so that you can see the difference and get convinced that it does work.


The first thing to realize is that you will look stronger when you are relaxed. I often compare the relaxed feel to that of the leather strap on a whip. When the leather strap is relaxed it has the potential to be cracked. Your body would have the same potential as the leather strap when it is relaxed. I am not saying you should be all limp and without energy. Your body and mind should be energized, ready and relaxed to crack/snap the potential energy. Once you have cracked/snapped the energy you need to go back to being relaxed. This means that the energy will pulse from relaxed, fast snap and then back to relaxed. It is often difficult to get back to being relaxed once you have felt the power of the crack/snap. It is however very important that you get back to being relaxed as you will need to be ready for the next crack/snap. When you get it right it you will develop a feel of pulsing through the Tango. The changes between “strong” and “relaxed” will follow each other very fast so it will be challenging in the beginning to get the full action of the two esteems.


When I look at other sports like baseball and tennis I see the same approach. They are ready, toned and relaxed before the impact of the ball. When the ball gets to impact point they release the potential energy and hit the ball with full energy. It is the same in martial arts. You are relaxed while preparing for the impact, then you release the potential energy and the opponent gets hit with the tremendous energy. The more you can relax and contain the energy the stronger it is going to be when it is finally released.


Once you get the hang of it you it, you will be able to dance the Tango with very, very little effort. Tango is the dance that has the least stretches and work so it is a great dance to warm up with. Many top professionals couples will often start their show dancing the Tango as it gets them warmed up for the other dances with very little effort.


I hope this will make you start researching how to become strong looking all while staying toned, ready and relaxed with potential energy. Have fun experimenting and doing the research of other things where the same principle is used to create a strong look and/or impact. This is the way to be super-efficient and tire because of doing the Tango.