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Your Plan for Success as a Competitive Dance Couple by Glenn Weiss

Glenn WeissAs a competitive dance couple there are many things of great importance to consider and to work on. In my opinion the place to start is with structure and organization. This covers areas such as timing, posture, body positioning relative to your partner, choreography and probably a great many other things. You must consider that the people who evaluate you (judges) only have a short amount of time to make their decisions. That means that every thing you do must be easy to read and understand.

Think of a symphony orchestra. You might have 30 extremely skilled and talented musicians playing together, together being the key word. It requires an enormous amount of organization, structure and discipline to make that many people and instruments work together.

The good news is that in dancing we only have to coordinate two people. Each person has a great many instruments and tools to coordinate, such as legs, arms, body and ears. The one thing we have in common and that will unite us is the music. This is no no easy task, but if you make it your priority it will improve your performance considerably. Most of us actually succeed in what we are trying to achieve.

The "secret" is to have the right goal and to have the right image of that goal in your mind. And keep in mind that as your skills improve your goals and the image in your mind should change.
Good luck and enjoy the journey !
Glenn Weiss

Be sure to check out the City Lights Ball in late January. It is a 3 day event with with a great show by Andrea Ghigiarelli and Sara Andracchio, and power packed dance camp with Melissa Dexter, Corky Ballas, Lorraine Barry, Olga Foraponova, Karina Smirnoff and many more!