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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    Attempting to get back into the swing of things, different Zumba class, at different location, had to.....after the class I truly liked started doing a ton of ....well....sigh....Marine Corp style strength moves and flying/hopping jumping jacks. Killer on ankles and knees in my viewpoint. Which...
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    yesterday's activities

    Mention to DH that our rain gutters are sloping away from down spout. Apparently he felt the need, while I was at fitness center, YEP YOU GUESSED IT, he got on the top step of 5 ft ladder while I was gone, to fix said gutter. Gggrrrrrrr, he fell. He said he laughed all the way down during the...
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    How you know you're ready to start competing at the next level?

    All the above! Find a coach. Review your placement consistencies as well as your recalls in the competitions you’ve entered, factor in the couples you actually competed against in your group/category.
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    coupons and other money saving activities

    I read “Everyday Cheapskate” in our local paper column. She has great tips and usages especially for Vinegar in many ways other than cooking. Dawn Dish Soap is amazing in the variety of uses it can be applied to. Coupons? Checkout CoupomMom web site, she’s out of the Chicago area. But in buying...
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    Dance Doldrums

    Well, I am so in there with everyone. Came back from Texas after Christmas and became a professional sofa sitter with remote control. Literally didn’t budge out of the all. January passed, first part of Feb, DH gently asked.....what’s up you haven’t even visited the studio for any...
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    What made you smile today?

    Checking out Senior Olympics, there are actually some “sports” I would be able to do!!!! Woo wooooooo
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    Whining Thread #2

    Told our Texas grandkids to stop growing up, the magic of little ones is fading and young tweens is happening, oh nooooooooo.
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    What made you smile today?

    My twin granddaughters, who had make-up on for their dance team Christmas performance for the first time, and actually asked me to teach them! A new role in their lives.
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    Life is Hard Thread

    Thoughts and prayers on your current journey Fasc. We are headed to Austin. For a much longer period of time as our fearless adventurous daughter is having heart surgery at Stetson on the 21st. I will only say this started in early June. Because I am not going to start from the beginning, let’s...
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    New server

    This is great!
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    Lots of laughing, maybe something was in the water but everyone and myself had an extreme case of the giggles. Lesson was good, worked on weight over hip in fast pivots, Pro is becoming much more adventurous.
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    Competitive ballroom - where do you dance just for fun?

    I dance. Socially love that. The challenge of competition forces me to focus. But, where I socially dance provides fun, social friendships and laughter. In the overall scheme of things, this is how I started, and will never stop.
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    yesterday's activities

    Have young man (we’ve been informed by HIM he is not “Little” yesterday). Create poster from our cross country trip and Disney Cruise, he actually like the entire creation to completion process. Went to movie. Spoke about Veteran’s Day with him, visited Field of Valor Flags our Rotary Club puts...
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    Nasty feet/shoe smell. How to deal?

    I’m just trying to figure out how to kill the everyday used sneaker smell because when grandson takes his shoes off (mind you he’s 11) I just want to die!