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    black/red Vesa dress

    Hot dress
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    Volunteer State, anybody going?

    Hey Liz! Haven't seen you in a LONg time! We are going to be there again this year! I loved this comp last year- great energy in the ballroom.
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    Larinda's "Missing" Dress

    I read this earlier and can't believe someone would have the gusto to do something like this, it's not like they will not get caught!
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    How are you, today?

    Very sad....
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    San Francisco Open

    I have to say... Great comp! haven't been around for a bit, and didn't realize so many DFr's were there... all went well and have to say we will be back! Belated Hi to everyone else who attended! DAnced my 2nd open pro-am event in smooth A and went pretty well...
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    Finding Confidence

    Confidence, I think that it is tough to attain and sometimes even tougher to maintain. But if you have just a bit it is well worth it to make note and tend to your feelings so that they will grow and become part of you overall being. i believe confidence is attained through ones self and...
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

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    Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

    O My that was depressing. You can go all season winning and when it comes down to it, they loose. I feel bad for the Pats- and us fans. Such is life to be a Boston fan!
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    Eastern Dancesport Championships - Who's going?

    I'll see you there! Doing hair for the comp also! Can't wait!
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    Ohio Star Ball 07: whos going & DF social?

    Its so awesome to see that Pro-am dancing is such high quality lately! Makes things way more fun on the floor! Can't wait to get back - Hope everyone has safe travels home!:bouncy:
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    Ohio Star Ball 07: whos going & DF social?

    Congrats Cantski- which I could have been there as planned to route you on! How did the rest go?
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    Lightly Used Latin / Rhythm Dore Dress for sale!

    You never know- I may be ablet o be a bit flexible so that I can get a new dress for myself... :)
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    Ohio Star Ball 07: whos going & DF social?

    I 'm routing you on Fasc! And I am sorry to hear about your loss- dance for her as I am sure that she is watching!
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    Ohio Result Photos

    Love how you got Sam a SOX shirt- priceless! And you got the bartender to wear it also? Bummed I will miss you, but GO BOSTON!
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    Lightly Used Latin / Rhythm Dore Dress for sale!

    Ogh ooo... Well you know it is a great designer. It does pop on the floor.