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    Song ID help!

    try to use tunatic software. maybe it will find the name of the song. ;)
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    DANCE SIMULTANEOUSLY for 10 minutes to create a positive vibe on Earth!

    i did a similar event back home. it was in 4 major cities in croatia at the last day of school. all the kids came out on the main square and danced waltz at the exact same time and exact same steps. and it was great. :p
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    European Latin Championships

    woow. I don't like them.
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    beautiful ballroom dress for sale

    how about to put pictures???;)
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    Type your username with your nose

    she is to lazy to do that. :cool:
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    Facebook or Myspace

    let's try to learn about something else. ;)
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    My Authentic Cha Cha

    thanks. i didn't know how to express myself. :p
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    My Authentic Cha Cha

    just wide pants can make your feet look very messy. ;)
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    My Authentic Cha Cha

    hey, they are quite wide. you can use some material or a zip to put under your shoes so that pants will not fly around. :cool::p
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    Negative comments from family members who don't dance

    well my mother used to comment and compare my dancing with some other dancers. i just tell her that i am going to work more on some things to be better. . but my friend used to make comments like, you are a dancer, it is easy how to dance. but when i show them to do something which i know...
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    Group Beginner Classes: Is this normal??

    i haven't read the whole thread. but i think that this is one of the things that you have too change. your progress will be much faster if you incorporate private lessons with those group classes. ;)
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    My Authentic Cha Cha

    don't get offended, but i don't like it. is it because of the wide pants, but your feet looks messy, and legs to much bend for an international style cha cha.
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    My Authentic Cha Cha

    me too.
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    Thinking of opening a dance studio

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL !! this one is the best.
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    Thinking of opening a dance studio

    there are many things in opening a studio. i am operating one, for now. :cool: this is not the only thing. you will have expenses, and you need to have money to pay them. maybe that is not a place to have a dance studio. you need to look from every aspects. and when it comes to zumba, i...