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    They are using my suggestiong!

    DD has been dancing since she was 5 but only danced competitively one year when she was young. Ever since though I have been one of those moms who hears a song and can start to see the dance to it in my head. The last two years dd has been on the middle school drill team and their spring show...
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    Dance music - version control

    I think I may have asked this question a long time ago but I'm not sure if I ever got a satisfactory answer. For those of you in the know, How does your dance studio keep track of the different cuts of each routine. Invariably, throughout the year, changes are made, but we have no foolproof...
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    Alan Walker - Faded

    enters the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart this week at #91 I'm so confused thought this was some modern country dude then came the female vocal a girl named Alan, strange but conceivable I guess now I see Alan Walker is a male producer so the vocalist gets no credit not even a featuring? stop...
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    9 Year Old Lyrical Duet Song

    Hi everyone, I need helping searching for a song for a 9 year old lyrical duet between two girls. Last year they did Sugar Cane by Missy Higgins. Everything I have found so far has been too Disney or too religious. Any suggestions would be great! Thank you
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    Upcoming Albums 2016

    January 8 The Grascals - And Then There's This (Mountain Home) Willie Nelson - Mr. Record Man - The Early Singles As & Bs (Jasmine Music) January 15 Hank Williams, Jr. - It's About Time (Nash Icon Records/BMLG) Brothers Osborne - Pawn Shop (EMI Nashville) Bonnie Raitt - Same Old Love: The...
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    The Good Salsa Romantica Thread

    I'm not ashamed to say I love Salsa Romantica. It catches alot of flack on this forum. I believe that Salsa Romantica is just as legitimate a branch of Salsa as any other. I believe its arrival in the 80's was the natural next step after the Fania movement had run out of steam, the casual sex...
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    Inspirational Dance Music

    Hi all, My daughter wants me to take her to perform for people 'who's voices aren't heard in the society'. She wants to pick a song that would encourage and inspire them. Any suggestions?