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    HELP! I don't have a crush on my dance instructor, and I need advice!

    Because new moves aren't all people want to learn in their dancing? So like...technique and such is not really super teachable in exclusively video form... Also just from a personal view, I will never feel like I "know enough" in my dancing, which is why I always seek out lessons.
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    Yup, that is the true struggle. :)
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    Poll: Heel Height for Smoooth/Standard

    I use 2" for standard. Some of that does have to do with the fact that my partner is only 1" or so taller than me without my heels on though. I might consider doing slightly taller if it wasn't for that, but yeah I wouldn't go above 2.5 personally.
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    Dude #standarddancerproblems indeed. When I do Cha Cha Aidas, I end up doing foxtrot-style toe releases... I feel your pain.
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    Best Compliment(s) You've Ever Gotten On Your Dancing

    Okay, this one isn't so much the best compliment I've ever received but I still remember it. During Viennese Waltz: "Woah, you follow like butter!" (Implying smoothness, I can only hope!)
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    Or on the flip side of that, all of your friends insist on playing turns, not "counter-clockwise", but specifically "line of dance" - because they are literally all ballroom dancers.
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    2014 National Collegiate DanceSport Championship

    Yay! So excited to be bringing the University of Texas team again. :)
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    Ballroom Make-up

    I would think that perhaps a "my lips but better" shade might be better than a nude lip with heavy eyeliner. What I mean by that is perhaps go for a shade that is one or two shades darker pink/red than your normal lip color and use that instead of actual nude shades. I find that it tends to look...
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    Ballroom Make-up

    I've actually found that Wet n' Wild gel liner stays just as well as MAC Fluidline (Crazy, I know. Also it's like $3 a pot). The only thing is that the packaging isn't great so it dries out faster than Fluidline. But it's still cheaper in my experience overall.
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    Shoe Straps

    I agree that the diagonal strap ones are prettier, but they don't work for my wide feet as well. I tried one model without straps but definitely found that the 1012s feel way more secure.
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    At MIT, I learned that overpacking for an out-of-state comp is a very, very bad thing. :confused:
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    How will Breast Implants Affect Dancing

    I was waiting for someone to do that. Props.
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    Theme Parties

    I love, love, love theme parties. Granted, the ones that we host usually are very simple themes that can be accomplished with some creative pairing of everyday wear, accessories, and possible makeup. (i.e. nerd dance, plants vs zombies, decades, etc.) I've never been one to actually go out and...
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    Novice level at collegiate comps

    Wow, I wish you guys were in the Texas area. We offered Novice, Pre-Champ and Champ this year and it was all basically uncontested because everyone was still scared of Novice.
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    Tango at the White House

    I don't know. If both you and your roommate both dance ballroom, can you be "ballroomies" then? :p