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    How to get back on beat?

    Add extra spins. Instead of 2 do 4
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    Tips for New Instructor?

    Here's my advice from teaching social dances (swing, wcs, latin, etc.). Can't say much about ballroom but I can't imagine it being too different.. - Smile, be excited, make students feel comfortable to be in the room with you - Loud voice/amplifier - Allowing flexibility in lesson plans...
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    What is Blues Dancing?

    The concept of blues "purists" is laughable cause there's no such thing as "pure" blues. I just posted that video to demonstrate the essence of blues, and how you can use that essence to interpret the music. Also they weren't doing routines, just some simple combinations.
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    What is Blues Dancing?

    ^ My favorite blues dance video Blues dancing is not standardized so there's not really a "correct" way of dancing blues, but the most important part would be accent on backbeats (2,4) and compression. A lot of blues moves are influenced by AT and swing.
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    Instructor Demo

    Yeah it's a hard dance to spread.. Out of all social dances zouk (along with AT) is one of the most difficult to learn and requires the utmost care to not discourage beginners - hence my initial question. How do you build enthusiasm for a dance that seems too hard? There are probably way more...
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    Instructor Demo

    Yeah but they’re usually shown to people who already are invested in those dances. I was afraid of intimidating a class full of complete beginners.
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    Help, please! From a dance-loving wife with a dance-phobic spouse. . .

    Why are y'all suggesting east coast swing to pop songs? East coast swing is almost never danced to modern music (other than with electroswing/new hip hop with charleston). If you wanted to dance to pop songs the easiest style to learn is Blues and Fusion, which would teach you the very basic of...
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    Instructor Demo

    So I'm planning on starting a new dance scene from scratch. I'm thinking about doing instructor demos either before or after the lesson. Do you think these demonstrations would be helpful/inspiring to beginners? Or do you think they will intimidate and discourage new dancers from attempting to...
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    How to dance KPop style (men)?

    I'd say go to your local hip hop studio and show them the videos. There are also a lot of new school hip hop tutorials on youtube.
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    BF avid salsa dancer

    To be fair dancing and dating a person who's at a significantly lower/higher level could cause unnecessary frictions and arguments. If you always danced with him you'd feel like he's doing it out of obligation, that he's not really enjoying dancing with you, and like you're inferior compared to...
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    Dance Schools can be disasters for the lonely and vulnerable

    An interesting thing is that when you become as good (or better) than the teachers in your area you may start to look for alternative reasons to go to dance events (like flirting with other dancers/teacher) because otherwise you'll be bored of the scene and won't attend any events. Honestly I...
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    Does it make sense to teach an advanced class?

    In terms of running a business. Since there are more beginners than socially intermediate dancers, and more intermediate dancers than advanced, it makes sense to focus mostly on the beginners (which all studios do). While hosting an advanced class may attract advanced dancers, thus enriching the...
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    Lindy -> ECS transition

    There are probably infinitely many transitions from ECS to Lindy and back. The main difference is the body position and direction of momentum, so you should be able to get the hang of it after a while. Here are some beginner tips for transition: ECS to Lindy: -After a rock step side by side...
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    Beats in Swing music

    Charleston is a fun dance for beginners, especially when danced to electro swing where the songs have strong downbeat accent instead of swing feel.
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    Beats in Swing music

    Start listening to swing (and any other music) every day, and think about its structure while listening. To be honest swing is probably harder to grasp musically due to elaborate use of syncopations than pop songs or some classical, so blues may be a good alternative or supplement. First, listen...