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    Lindy instruction in Portland?

    My wife and I went out dancing tonight. We were pretty rusty to start but the swing outs we did at the end felt amazing. :D
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    How many hours do you practice on your own?

    Not enough. Trying for at least a little every weekday, even just 15-30 minutes.
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    Lindy instruction in Portland?

    This was a Tuesday last summer. Can't remember the band's name, but we'd only danced in lessons and at home to fairly easy music at that point. Glad to hear about Thursday's. I just found out that next month I'll be working nights with Wednesday and Thursday off. We just started private lessons...
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    Lindy instruction in Portland?

    Sorry to vanish there for so long. Training at my new job's been rough and my schedule keeps changing. It's about to stabilize, though. Ill be working evenings but hopefully will get some days off that will work for lessons. My wife and I went to the Secret Society while taking a trip to...
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    What justifies the high spending cost for learning to dance to you?

    I enjoy it, and it's cheaper than other hobbies. Heck, even modeling and wargames can get more expensive, and both are cheaper than shooting or skiing(well, maybe if I stuck to 9mm rather than 10mm). I do plan it as part of my budget. That it's one of the best things I've done for my marriage...
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    Do you play a musical instrument?

    A bit of guitar but I had no special talent. It was dancing that taught me to follow the beat. I did very little drumming when my friend and I got the bright idea to change roles. I guess I did learn I could manage a simple 4/4 beat then.
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    Lindy instruction in Portland?

    Officially accepted my job and was accepted for a place to rent. Right by a max station, no less. Hope to officially be a Portland resident soon. I grew up in urban areas bigger than Portland so that part should be easy at least. I had my last lesson with my current instructor. It was very kind...
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    Lindy instruction in Portland?

    That looks like a good place. I may start with their swing 1 series to test what I've learned and see what they emphasize differently. Thanks for the find and welcome. I'm in the midst of house hunting in Portland right now. I hope to be moving soon.
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    Lindy instruction in Portland?

    Hi everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster here. My wife and I have been taking swing dancing lessons since early this year, starting with East Coast and then starting Lindy in the summer. There is no social swing dancing where we live, but we are moving to Portland, Oregon very soon...