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    Salsa Summer Splash - Palm Springs

    Just wanted to see if anyone was planning on attending Al Espinoza's Salsa Summer Splash in Palm Springs, CA (mid August). Any thoughts on last year's event? Since I'm on the east coast, it will be nice to see some LA / San Diego / San Francisco dancers, like Pretty Boys and Girls, Majesty in...
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    Anybody going to Clave Tumbao Spring Bash (April 14)?

    anybody from Philly? Is anybody from Philly going down? I think some groups like Art in Motion are going. Let me know.
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    World Salsa Championships 2006 gallery at

    Hi, we have added the World Salsa Championships 2006 gallery to our website. Interviews include Jennifer Aucoin and Al Espinoza, Luis Hernández (El Mulato) and Swing Latino, Karisma Dancers, Kelvin Hernandez and Licelott Maldonado, and Yamulee Dancers. Social dancing videos include Andres...
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    A true contributor (David Melendez) passed away

    David Melendez Remembered We've highlighted and added some videos in tribute to David Melendez. He touched thousands of lives, and we're thankful for his contributions to the salsa world and the world in general. May he rest in peace. Thanks, Allan David Melendez speech at the...
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    NY Salsa Congress 2006 videos at

    We have released our NY Salsa Congress 2006 video gallery. Interviews include Albert and Maya Torres, Chachi (Gzell), Nick/Dimas/Kisha, Erika Occhipinti, Joel and Ana, Lee Rios and Mario Falcon, Salsa y Control, Thomas Guerrero, and Yesenia Peralta. Social dancing videos include: Ariel and...
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    Stuck on Salsa 3rd anniversary videos at

    We've released the Stuck on Salsa 3rd Anniversary 2006 Red Carpet party videos from July in Arlington, VA. To our knowledge, this is one of the first salsa events on a red carpet, complete with an awards ceremony (the Stuckies). We have interviews with DJ Jose Rodriguez, Hacha y Machete, Johnny...
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    Salsa video gallery at Nuevotec

    Hey Salseros. I'm Allan and I'm part of Nuevotec Productions, a video company in Philadelphia, PA. Since we're based in Philly / South Jersey, we have collected a variety of salsa events in that area, in addition to other events. Please check our gallery at www(dot)nuevotec(dot)com We have...