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    Dance Partner Wanted

    I agree with Laura. Sometimes you have to go through several partners to find the right one. When I first started, I danced with a partner 2 years younger than me and had a disability. But what a hard working, sweet guy. Later, I danced with partner with too much belly and later another practice...
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    The "I Will Never Get This" Club Support Group

    haha, I've been dancing 9 years and still can't get onto my stupid foot.
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    The "I Will Never Get This" Club Support Group

    I believe that you can not improve, until you acknowledge how badly you suck! If you think you are perfect, there is no room for improvement. Harsh but true. Tears before cheers!
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    VW Speed

    I'm a fan of slower VW because we are a taller heavier couple. When they play a fast VW, we look like fluffy chickens racing. We also like to do bigger stretch, that fast VW does not allow. =)
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    Viennese Waltz -- new figures permitted by WDSF, on the competition floor

    They look great together! Hmmm, new figures look hard.
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    Practice Rounds

    rounds It sounds like you need more slow motion practice sessions, and not rounds if you want to improve technique. That is something I need to do also. Me and partner like to do rounds, in addition to slow motion technical practices. Round is better for building stamina, especially before a...
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    How stretchy is the Chrisanne Standard Platinum Shirt?

    Let me correct my post. If you normally wear 16-1/2 sleeve 34/35, buying the Chrisanne Platinum stretch shirt half size up. Size 17 fit my partner when his neck is actually 16-1/2. He is middle age, medium bones. You should get true to neck size if you are a teenager or in your twenties, under...
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    pre-competition disorder

    bubble bath?
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    How stretchy is the Chrisanne Standard Platinum Shirt?

    That is funny I came across this post because I just purchased the Chrisanne platinum stretch shirt with built in shorts for my partner today and it came in the mail TODAY!! The fabric feels great, stretchy and light weight. Seems to defy sweat. My partner is 6'2" near 6'3" and weighs 190...
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    How far do you travel to your dance lesson?

    too far...too far ~shakes her head~
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    Bridal Waltz

    Here's a list of contemporary waltz's: I suggest I'll Be - Edwin McCain Some other ones: Dreamworld (Robin Thicke) If I Ain't Got You (alicia keys) Fallin (alicia keys) Open Arms (journey) Endless Love (is a 6 count, Diana Ross and...
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    stretchy modern shirt

    Oh my... What type of stains are these? Hopefully stain remover products such as "Shout" or depending on the stain, try an oil-based make up remover or alcohol. I don't know about bleaching, because the fabric seems a bit delicate for bleach. The shirt does shrink, so make sure you buy a...
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    Ballroom and the economy

    The Economy and Dance Hi everyone, This is very broad question and I am curious to find out how everyone was doing in these less than ideal economic times. Has the economy as of 1st qtr 2009 affected you and your dancing, such as having to reduce lessons or number of competitions...
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    stretchy modern shirt

    Sorry for digging up an old thread 100,000 years old. 1. My partner loves the Sapiel one he has. 2. Buy one size larger if you are American. If you are scrawny, this does not apply.