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    You don't need a workout DVD or class. Just put on some of your favorite salsa music and dance. Practice whatever you want. Practice on1, on2, spins, shines, whatever. The idea is to keep moving. Unless you do have some medical condition, I believe you are making too big of a deal out of...
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    Perhaps you should have a check up with your doctor and discuss your concern. If everything checks out OK, then the best exercise for any activity is one that closely resembles the activity. In other words, dance more often. Or get extra aerobic workouts by working on your basic, turns, other...
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    Bowling shoes!

    Definitely agree! But they do make good practice shoes. I'm pretty sure Thespina would never wear ugly shoes out dancing in a club. And if she did, I'm sure they would look darn good on her. ;-)
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    True, but in our defense, we are supposed to be showing the lady off. Also, I am older and dance more "efficiently" ;-), than the ladies I usually dance with. On the other hand, dancing with abandon and pushing myself to the limit are a couple things I really like about salsa. I take a break...
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    I just had to respond to this. I've been away for awhile. This is one of the few threads I started. I remember some of the first few said Oh no! we just talked about this 2 years ago. Nice to see it is still alive. Bachata is a nice change of pace for salsa. Whether your a grinder or not...
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    Instructors eating crums and social dancers suck on the floors

    Master technique and then forget about it and be natural. --Anna Pavlova
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    Men's Shoes

    Maybe a little dressier than what you're looking for, but they have lots of different styles, almost all leather soles. They are what I wear when I go dancing, lightweight and the soles work great on all kinds of floor conditions. The styles range from pretty conservative to pretty flashy...
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    Would you like to be told? How?

    If you haven't looked at Edie the Salsa Freak's website I recommend it. She mentions this kind of stuff and a lot more (she is very frank ;)). It's a hoot. I can attest that GayleR is the epitome of etiquette. I had the pleasure to dance with her at the Toronto Salsa Congress, recently. It...
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    Best way for ON-2 person to now learn ON-1

    I agree that she would be wasting her money on taking lessons for On 1, but I would say the same for someone switching from On1 to On2. One style is not more difficult than the other when it is the first one you learn. The problem comes in when you learn the new style (regardless if it's On1...
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    keeping leader in his slot?

    I agree with everyone that says this is no big deal. The main thing is to practice good floorcraft and as was mentioned that is not a hallmark of any particular style. Occasional contact on the dance floor can happen to anybody, so I think it best that people apologize and let it go unless...
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    Parental disapproval

    Why can't it be an end unto itself? Is there something wrong with engaging in an activity that is fun, social, physical, creative, and good exercise? I don't think so! :rolleyes: A little hedonism never hurt anyone.
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    Toronto congress report

    Toronto really was a lot of fun. The pre-party on Thursday night at Six Degrees was great and they had just a fantastic wood dance floor. Had a lot of really fun dances at the Congress too, but I did miss Sunday night (jobs are so inconvenient :)). I went to movement wokshops mostly. Burju's...
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    Toronto congress report

    Hey thanks for the props.
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    Anyone Else Bored With Salsa Performances

    That's a bunch! At the Chicago Congress I went to the performances the first night, but that was it. I would predict that I am going to miss at least some of those performances. I'm more interested in dancing than watching performances.:)