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    Tall Pre-champ Standard Leader needed in Northwest / Seattle Area

    I am 5'8" without shoes, slim build, and compete exclusively in standard. I like to practice evenings and weekends, take regular lessons, and also coaching with visiting coaches, and compete regularly. My partner and I placed very well at both NDCA and USA Dance national championships this year...
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    Manhattan DanceSport Championships 2013

    I will be there! First East Coast comp for me and first time visiting New York. I'm excited! :)
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    What are you excited about in your dancing right now?

    So many wonderful epiphanies for me lately, it's hard to believe how earth shaking some of them seem for my dancing, but a lot simply came from watching Youtube videos of coaches like Marcus and Karen Hilton and other's of their ilk and working things out with DP, and then a few from some...
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    NDCA Amateur Nationals 2013

    This comp was an incredible experience for me; my first time at either NDCA or USA Dance Nationals! And then to make both of our finals, dancing up from five rounds each, (novice and prechamp standard) ..I'm still trying to process it all. Can't wait for USA Dance Nationals in LA! :)
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    using your head in standard

    Viennese waltz for me too, and of course double-reverses, and reverse pivots. I also enjoy using it to round out the transitions to promenade on open impetuses or hover telemarks; that kind of extra bit of stretch left before turning it right, like a wind up. I do funky things with my head...
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    I guess different couples just express that "joy of dancing" differently. After seeing some of the top pros dance in person, I think that Anastasia and Katusha, for example, tend to just smile consistently the whole time (unless it's tango), and of course look simply lovely throughout, while...
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    So I decided to jump in here and resurrect one of the old "smiling" threads because I've been thinking a bit lately about facial expressions, and how to achieve them without look forced and unnatural. :) I think there's more to a nuanced performance in this regard than just flat out smiling, and...
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    Stuff ballroom dancers say

    Yes, this thread is so great! A few more: "I can't feel you!" "I can't get between your legs!" "We have really good connection, but..." "Your extension is out of control." "She is really heavy" or "you just got really heavy all of a sudden." "Back-leader!" "'re on top of me."...
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    Bridging Skills Gap and Overcoming Frustration in Partnership

    I think an important thing to consider too is how both partners are approaching practice and lessons together; are you doing it first and foremost to improve your own dancing individually and independently, or to become a better couple and have a chance of being competitive as a partnership? If...
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    Minor rant: dance loyalty

    I recall a situation once where an old known sort of creeper had plopped down next to me and was talking to me after several dances with me, making it difficult for me to look available to other leads, but one whom I knew was there (from my studio whom I like to dance with) I think saw my plight...
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    the voices in your head

    We're heading toward the middle of the floor; we're dancing Viennese, we're dancing reverses, is the fleckerl coming? It could be any one of these, get ready... 3,4,5,6 Here? Okay I guess not, next one, 4,5,6, there it is!!! Hope I can nail the it comes...
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    Things we love about leaders...

    I just want to add one for floorcrafting too. My DP has told me how close I've come to splitting my head open on sharp corners or crashing into mirrors because I go overboard with my extension in Viennese Waltz or other dances, and he's always looking out for me and so good at averting danger...
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    What are you excited about in your dancing right now?

    Just got back into practicing with DP after a few months off of regular practice (he has been working with our coaches on starting up a new studio, yay!), and somehow thing are feeling a lot better, particularly from a lead and follow perspective. I think because we haven't been thinking as hard...
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    Elements of a good partnership? :together:

    This sounds exactly like my dance partner and I. So far it's worked out great. :) I'm like you, the stresser and hyper-dedicated type. He reminds me why we're doing this in the first place to keep things in perspective.
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    Ballroom dress blog along

    Amen! I like the drop waist on your dress. It seems like the stiffer fabric with more body in the skirts lends itself well to that style.