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    Salsa in London!

    I thought that the aim of the Monday intermediate class was to allow you to practise the core moves - the ones you mention above and not neccessarily to teach a new turn pattern every week? They did used to explain this at the start of every intermediate class but perhaps they have stopped...
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    Salsa in London!

    :lol: La Finca always puzzled me in that the classes were in cross body style (with a nod towards some Cuban movement) but the club afterwards was 80% Cuban style. Because of that and because it was a long journey for me I only ever went about 4 or 5 times.
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    Why is Musicality So Hard/Rare to Find in Salsa?

    Come to London! Where I go on Monday nights you can guarantee you will hear a couple of Marc Anthony songs, some Van Van, DLG, Tito Puente, Grupo Niche (I've not heard Gloria Estefan in three years though) in the same club on the same night. I think we get the full variety, although sadly not...
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    Leaders, what are your techniques for getting back on-beat?

    I bit my tongue once whilst chewing gum and dancing at the same time. Never again. It's that male multi-tasking problem. Like dancing, talking and staying in time with the music
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    salsa covers of pop songs like "yesterday": more?

    I thought that song was a cover of The Power Of Love by Jennifer Rush? My favourite is Tu Carrito - Carlos Oliva (cover of Vehicle by Ides of March). This translates perfectly into salsa and I think it's better than the original.