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    Loving Salsa! Hi I'm new to this site!

    Thank you Hi guys! Thank you so much for the warm welcome!!! Ooow and thanks for the forum tip! :rolleyes:
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    Common & Popular Salsa Topics Index Guide

    Hi guys, Personally, I adore the entire Chrisanne range! I've been dancing for 10 years and they've always made gorgeous dresses and best of all they tailor make them so you can get exactly what you want! Oh and I am in luv with their dancewear at the moment.... so sexy and it really brings to...
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    How long did it take you to get through beginner's hell?

    10 years experience but I started when I was very young! From what I can remember (I started when I was 16 or so), starting off is probably one of the most difficult stages in learning how to dance. I remember feeling very clumsy and basically... 'rubbish'! I was so bad to start off with. I...
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    Edinburgh next wkend

    Hiya! Hello Catarina, Oh wow! Aww I'm so jealous you got to dance in Edinburgh! I've always wanted to go there but everytime I make plans to go I get a cold! Very strange I know... although, it being July now.... the British weather has gone nuts! Everyone in the office has a cold! Well I'm...
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    Shoes for narrow feet

    Hmmm, I had the same problem to! Hello ILikeToJive I had the exact same problem as you as I have very petite feet. I have to say that I too have bought shoes from and I can't praise them enough! They are great! They're very comfortable and incredibly sexy...
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    Loving Salsa! Hi I'm new to this site!

    Hello guys! I've quite literally just found this fantastic forum, so yes.... I am a newbie :D I just wanted to introduce myself really ;) My name's Angela and I've been doing Latin dance ever since I fell in love with the Salsa when I was a teenager. I've been dancing for around 10 years...