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    Your earworm song

    Heavy in Your Arms-Florence +the Machine. I don't really mind though
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    How close are you to your username?

    My username and I could not be more different.
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    The best thing I ever did for my Jive and Quickstep was jumping rope. I usually work in intervals of 1-2 minutes at 180-150 turns per minute. I don't do lunges very often but I always try and doe some type of squats in my training so I don't think leg strength was limiting my Jive
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    Have you considered a cyclic ketogenic diet? If you are strength training heavily like you were a while back it might be easier to implement since the glycogen from the carb-loading period will support your physical activity and you may not feel as run down while your metabolism adjusts. I was...
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    70's TV Theme Songs

    The Waltons?
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    70's TV Theme Songs

    The Doris Day Show? Too obvious?
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    I am not a fan of that version of the exercise. I prefer a version like the one below except with straight arms and holding more toward the end of the bar. I feel its better for drilling the transfer of force form the hip to the shoulder
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    2012 Olympics

    Watching as much as I can. I just saw Kayla Harrison win the first ever gold medal in judo for the USA.
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    Morning routines?

    Does hitting the snooze button three times count?
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    Can you practice standard in shoes with split sole?

    Mine aren't. Maybe you just need to try a different brand.
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    Holistic Health Thread

    Peoples needs vary from individual to individual based on age, body mass, activity levels and so forth. I personally consume over 100 grams per day with no ill effects. Many people consume much less also with no ill effects. Negative effects of protein consumption on the kidneys has not been...
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    Holistic Health Thread

    Proteins are polymers of amino acids and that is generally their most abundant form in plants, animals, micoorganisms, viruses etc. Large amounts of free amino acids are not typically found in nature. One thing to keep in mind is that not all proteins from all dietary sources are digested by...
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    Holistic Health Thread

    wearing my seat belt regular physical activity no smoking
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    Proper way to stretch your way into a split?

    I don't know if this will answer your question, but the website stadion(dot com) has a test to see if you have the requisite mobility to acheive a split. go to the home page and follow the "Test your Flexibility" link.
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    Holiday Charity Gift Giving

    Has anyone used ? Being a biochemistry nerd, I have a soft spot for St. Jude Children's research hospital and they get a good rating at this site.