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    Neil Clover Ballroom Challenge @ Princeton U. - Oct. 17th & 18th

    On behalf of the Princeton Ballroom Dance Club, I'm delighted to pass on the announcement of the Neil Clover Ballroom Challenge! I hope the many of you who came out for the comps at Princeton a couple years back will be able to make it again. (great floor, tons of warm-up space, spacious...
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    Donating Dancesport Wear to College Teams

    I help out with the Princeton dance team. The team has quadrupled in the past couple years, which is great! but we are scrambling to outfit all the newbies. Practice skirts (for newcomers), standard or latin dresses, and shoes would all be tremendously appreciated. The team president Andrew...
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    2008 Competition Plans--Space to Share

    Who's going to Columbia on Dec. 1?
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    2008 Competition Plans--Space to Share

    Penn is holding their own in Philadelphia, I think Feb. 23-24 (as ChaChaMama says). I believe Princeton will not be running anything this year.
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    Seventh Annual Boston University Terrier Dancesport Competition

    Unfortunately, Penn is indeed holding their own competition and I don't know what Princeton will do, if anything (too many comps in the spring anyways).
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    Thinking of spending a month in New York

    The PATH from Penn Station or lower Manhattan to Hoboken runs all night: It's $1.50 per ride and there are 10-ride cards and monthly passes too. I'd guess housing is cheaper in Secaucus, though.
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    Thinking of spending a month in New York

    Prospect Park and Park Slope in Brooklyn are nice neighborhoods and are convenient to Manhattan by subway (I think ~15 minutes to Dance Studio 101). Hoboken, NJ (right across the Hudson) is also nice and ~10 minutes by the PATH train from Manhattan. I had a great experience with Craigslist...
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    Yulia and Riccardo form a new partnership

    Ooh great! I think it's going to be my first competition this year (at last!).
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    European competitors... where do they chat?

    The Russian one is http:// forum. dancesport. ru/.
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    Programs from Comps

    I just keep ribbons.
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    Dancing/dresses in the Czech Republic

    In the off chance that someone else is ever looking for a teacher in Olomouc (town of 100,000, 3 hours east of Prague), I've found Jaroslav Harvan and Jana Harvanova who teach at the club Proxima Olomouc: http://www. They train with Fabio Selmi and Simona Fancella, and Jaroslav...
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    Edita Daniute failed anti-doping test

    I don't know in general, but I'm pretty sure I saw asthma inhalers being listed as an exception (I have asthma so I was curious, even though in practice I most likely wouldn't get tested).
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    Systematic competition warm up?

    I find doing the basic mat pilates sequence is helpful, followed by stretching and basic ballroom exercises my teacher's used in classes/lessons (individually and with my partner), then running through routines individually, and then running through the routines together.
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    Where oh where have those dance partners gone?

    Cantskiforlife, I haven't read the whole thread, but if I have the misfortune* of moving to Boston this fall I would be looking for a partner...I'm just starting (collegiate) pre-champ standard and I haven't done smooth since silver, but it's something I'd like to try for real someday. *=not...
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    Jersey City area lessons

    Hi, the PATH train makes Manhattan so close to Jersey City that I'd guess it's the best place for lessons. The main standard studio, Ballroom on Fifth, is moving (see this thread:, but you'll be able to take the PATH to 34th St. and walk to...