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    Dementia at the Studio

    I think that classes for people with dementia should be part of some special education class, part of occupational therapy or trained facility, but not be a part of a mixed group class in the regular dance studio. Other group class students should not be exposed to sick people in the class...
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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    I just saw the "La La Land ". I thought it was extremely mediocre to be nominated for 14 Oscars!! The story is so repetitive, “What if: will go in line with many “twilight zone” episodes and Asimov’s theory, that if we change one little thing in the past, the whole future will be different. The...
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    Do you order dancewear and shoes from overseas?

    I order directly from Supadance as well. Fast delivery, cheaper than in US. Practice shoes - all my studio orders the same shoes, they are so good. My pro suggested this method
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    Dancing with different instructors

    I used to perform many showcases at the different studios with three independent teachers, and one "studio" teacher. All routines were different. The teachers knew about each other and just concentrated on my dancing with them. As far as I know there were not any conflicts.
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    Banned from the Studio

    Any lawyers who reading this post? It would be interesting to know your opinion. If an employee get fired in corporate world, the company would never give bad references , but only dates of employment and title for the future prospective employers . The companies avoid possible law...
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    Banned from the Studio

    Even if that teacher would not start loosing students. In fact, it does not matter. But placing such sign at the door with public declaration to cause someone harm and intent of ruin reputation, will definitely get owner in legal trouble and some monetary compensation for the teacher. I am...
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    Banned from the Studio

    This teacher should take a picture of that sign at the door and consult an attorney for defamation of character. He might have a case. That studio owner did not think that angry declaration through. The owner might get in legal trouble if that teacher will start losing students because of...
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    Dancing with different instructors

    It is absolutely normal to take lessons with as many instructors as YOU want, but it has to be your decision. I would be extremely upset as you are. If it is not the only studio where you live, I would ask for my money back and start searching for other alternatives, perhaps, independent...
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    Poll for the ladies; To Cologne, or NOT to Cologne, THAT is the question!

    No cologne !!! Most guys put too much of it! I asked a few times my instructors not to use it for my lessons, but it is sort of automatic with them. I would just prefer no cologne at all.
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    Crowdfunding for comps

    In terms of sponsorship for ballroom, I only know a few very advanced level dancers (US National armature champions or established competing Pros in the past) who got sponsorship for shoes, dresses, man’s attire and if you get an invite for “invitation only” tours, you can get one or two days...
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    Crowdfunding for comps

    If you are unemployed, or underemployed, there are grants available to become fitness instructor, or personal trainer – get recognizable certifications in US accredited colleges and fees are waived by grants of (WIA). You definitely can stop at one career center and ask what options of...
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    Should dance instructors get "extra pay" for showcases?

    There are some advantages of the showcases: - You and your instructor are the only two people on the floor ( mo bumping in anybody) - You can choose your song , your topic and what would you like to express - No judges with their subjective scores - You are...
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    sticky floor fix?

    Light baby powder will do the trick (both of my pros who experienced all kind of floors as professional dancers recommend powder for a sticky floor). Now do not make it too slippery…:)
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    Privates are my only real option. Will I not be able to social dance?

    Really good one to try, they have many options for unlimitted dancing all day long, a few long weekends a year, special parties Stardust Weekends:
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    Who is your favourite dancer?

    If it is not limited to ballroom, my favorite dancers are Natalia Osipova , Diana Vishneva , ballet dancers