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    We got any UCWDC people on here?

    im from wigan united kingdom not competed in five years competition over here is very b_i_t_t_y cant be doing with it prefare to social dance
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    Becoming a line dance instructor...

    I dont believe a license is required for teaching but ensure the venue has public liability insurance and either you or the venue has a public performance license in order to play the music...
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    Should you use heel leads in Country Two-Step?

    toe v's heel stepping with ones heel is natural and I find going with toe makes the dance look very untidy not ideal in competition
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    Favorite Line Dance

    The Beast or Adams Ale depending on Ability One of the greatest dances I have ever done with a song by the greatest english act we have had, its a shame they arnt still going (cheap seats - Somrthin' in the water)