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    BC Swing

    "Moves and styles, many of them made up or pulled from other dance styles and genres, are passed down, senior to freshman, without much interference from the outside world, resulting in a very unique style of swing that I think might be unrecognizable." You guys know there is a fairly sizable...
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    Okay to attend a lindy exchange without knowing lindy hop?

    According to wikipedia: ""A lindy exchange is a gathering of lindy hop dancers in one city for several days to experience the dance venues and styles of that local community and to dance with visitors and locals alike." To be honest it would depend on what exchange you were talking about...
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    I'm a Collegiate Shag and Balboa dancer. Both are fairly popular out in Southern California.
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    Savoy vs. Smooth Lindy

    Hey here is a link that is relevant to the jitterbug discussion. (Still trying to dig up a letter written about the whole Hollywood/Savoy Style wars) At about 1:00, Norma Miller one of the surviving members of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers gives her view about the term 'Jitterbug'...
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    What to do

    I think drejenpha hit this one the head, its probably easier for him to be in denial then accept the fact that he isn't going anywhere romantically and lost a friend in the process. My recommendation is you do what other posters have said and clearly (but politely) make it clear that you are...
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    What's this move...?

    That sounds like a modified "Hip, Hip, Waist" with just using one knee instead of both. But seriously heed Angel's advice, aerials (even the ones that look deceptively simple) are extremely dangerous if done incorrectly.
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    Savoy vs. Smooth Lindy

    Angel, if I were to make that same observation that West Coast Swing or Ballroom seemed to have "fractiousness and elitism" as (insert dance X here). I would be willing to put down money I would get at least angry posts directed at me. However my main point of that is I would love to see...
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    Savoy vs. Smooth Lindy

    Steve, I apologize I should have been more specific. When I was casually typing up that statement I meant the phrase used in contemporary context. Personally I have occasionally seen the phrase "The Lindy" used in person and typed online by people who have been in the swing dance scene for a...
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    Savoy vs. Smooth Lindy

    I looked around on the internet (yehoodi/google/youtube) and asked a few of my other Lindy Hoppers, either Lindy Swing is a term that was used back in the revival in the 90's, or its just not a term commonly used in the swing dance community, or its like the term "The Swing" which only non swing...
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    Dancing in Iowa? (Swing, Ballroom, or Country) (Ballroom Dance) My main contacts I know out there are for Lindy Hop though, not so much Westie.
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    Learning A New Dance

    Apache... so hard to find a teacher for it.
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    Looking to hire dancers for a show... (NYC Area)

    Post this on, besides the largest swing dance forum on the internet a significant part of the New York scene posts on there. However from New York I would recommend Mickey Fortanasce.
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    Message to beginners and intermediates

    I know Atomic, but I have never heard of those two other places before. Also a lot of the hardcore Californian dancers were out East for the Boston Tea Party last week.
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    Message to beginners and intermediates

    Its interesting you bring that up because you get different opinions depending upon which of the old timer dancers you refer to. A lot of people have gotten the whole "copying other people's steps was frowned upon by the interviews with Al Minns in the past when he stated fights would break out...
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    Websites & Blogs for West Coast Swing & Lindy Hop

    I've been dying to get a copy of any versions of Hutchinson's writings, any suggestions where to find them?