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    Looking for social dancing videos

    None of the videos you showed are examples of social dancing, much less good social dancing. For that, you need a dance floor with more than two people on it. However, such videos do exist. Also, the people in your videos are performers, this is stage tango.
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    Aesthetics, Technique and Connection

    So interesting. I know at least two people who were PhD candidates in math (one at MIT, I believe), who dropped out for tango.
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    What to do about gender imbalance

    What kind of class is this? Is it an intro class? What's the focus of the class? If it's a class, you can't have too many expectations, as a leader or a follower, of the capabilities of the other people in the class. So are going to be good, some bad, some boring, some fun. You just never know...
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    What do you expect from the men you dance with?

    The fact that this is still an "issue" is a problem in and of itself. However, in my experience, most men in tango are slobs to some degree. As for the rest, humor? Maybe, hardly critical, but a nice part of the mix. Passion? Hmm, OK, but let's not get carried away here with the mystique of...
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    Why are so many men lousy navigators?

    Absolutely, that's one of the best elements of tango, but it's rare to see since so many leaders are disconnected from the music and the people around them. When the couples are in synch though, it's a beautiful experience. Yes, couldn't agree more. Musicality is critical, along with *respect*...
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    Why are so many men lousy navigators?

    True, the host(s) and organizers of the milonga play a big part in setting the tone for the event. That, to a large extent, determines how people behave at the milonga -- dress, navigation, courtesy, use of the cabeceo, behavior on the floor, and so on.
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    Why are so many men lousy navigators?

    True. One of the problems is the failure to see the ronda as an organic whole and that you and your partner are but one element in that whole. Yes, you need to pay close attention to your dancing and your partner, but you also need to care about the movement of the floor as a whole. When leaders...
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    Why are so many men lousy navigators?

    Foresight for sure. But mostly they need to pay attention to what's happening around them at that moment and not dance with their eyes closed. Knowing when to move and where is a skill but it can be developed if you're attentive. It's an essential element of tango.
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    Why are so many men lousy navigators?

    I snipped to avoid repeating everything you said. But, yeah, it's all true. Part of it is selfishness, part of it is inability, part of it is moving on to the pista before learning how to lead. I've witnessed all of the behaviors you describe and then some. I've had couples bump into me even...
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    Contracontrabody Movement Cross System?

    Video is dreadful though. They're playing at tango.
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    Contracontrabody Movement Cross System?

    That rolling gait is part of normal walking but the extent of the "roll" varies. You see it exaggerated in some guys who want to effect a "tough guy" walk - that deliberate rolling of the shoulders that vaguely resembles the gait of a large cat, a tiger, for example. If you notice it, it's...
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    Kalganova Eleonora & Michael Nadtochi

    Really dislike this one.
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    ARCOS | Chicho & Juana

    It was more of an interview though, wasn't it?
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    ARCOS | Chicho & Juana

    Nice apartment but it needs a bit of work. Is this an advert for interior renovation?
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    Height difference; avoid, open embrace, or some other strategy?

    Lots of tall women in the milongas I've been going to, some very tall women, in fact -- 6' 2", 6'3" without heels.