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    Anyone ever taken a break from dance?

    There's a point in our life where we want to take a back seat and enjoy our free time. I also reach that point where I want to take a break from dancing not because I lose interest but because I want to try other things and prioritize other things in life. On the other hand, I terribly missed...
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    15 Truths About Being a Professional Dancer

    Being a professional dancer takes a lot of effort and understanding of your craft. All those 15 truths about being a professional dancer is true. Sure enough, dance is hard and there's so many things you still don't know. There's a saying that experience is the best teacher so it applies to...
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    That's really an effort! Anyway, I am just starting on some training or exercises. I must say that I do regular yoga now for like 4 times a week and everyday jogging. I enrolled in dance lesson and it takes like 2 hours every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
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    Who is your favourite dancer?

    Michael Jackson all the way! He is a total performer. I like his smooth moves when dancing.
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    Inspirational Dance Music

    I would like you to check out two inspirational music. First is "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas because it has a fun beat plus a great mood booster for everyone. Try to check out too the Firework by Katy Perry because it's very uplifting and reminds us to always be ourselves despite self...
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    Exercise/Diet Support Group

    When dieting it's very important to have a clear plan and goal to achieve. Along with proper dieting you should also need some good exercise in order to make that diet an effective one. In my case, I love doing boxing and some yoga.
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    You Know you are Addicted to Dancing when...

    This is so cool! I guess you are addicted to dancing whenever you hear a song on the radio and wonder if a certain dance will fit it rhythmically and you're too serious with that kind of wondering. :D
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    Physical fitness for adult dancers

    I agree with you 100%! Yoga will definitely improve your posture. Or if you have a budget why not hire a trainer to monitor you.
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    Dancing With Mistakes: Why To Correct May Be Incorrect

    I find your article very valuable and useful for everyone whether you are a new dancer of been dancing for quite some time now. Oftentimes, though we really avoid mistakes it is actually inevitable but those mistakes will surely help us grow.
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    Is Ballroom dancing expensive? (Article)

    I definitely agree that ballroom dancing can be free if you want to, however if you take it seriously and want to learn a lot and grow more it will definitely mean that you really make some good investment. It can also be expensive depending on your intention. Well, it is really up to you I...
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    The Biggest Mistakes Dancers Make

    This is actually great! Thanks for sharing the biggest mistakes dancers make because it's really interesting article. The article is worth sharing to be honest.