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    Help - Looking for American Rhythm Music

    Hi yes there are some new songs here by Davalenco that fall under that category:
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    Musicality: Selecting the Music For Learning

    Yet so many dance students can't "hear" the beats of a cha cha, samba, etc...
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    15 Truths About Being a Professional Dancer

    Very true, what people do for the love of dance
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    Fitness activities outside of studio practice?

    Outdoor running is not only good for regular maintenance but is great before a comp for your stamina, I find it helps a lot...
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    Close to giving up.

    Change venues, go to different social places, sounds like you need new "inspiration"
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    Sewing Latin Skirt w/ Fishing Line

    It looks to me in these photos from their dancesport website that the skirt hemming has a thin crinoline ending as opposed to fishline, perhaps you can try the half inch crinoline?
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    Competition Hair

    If it is in your eyes I definitely think it will be hard to dance to the best of your ability and even that just having the least amount of possible "problems" will ensure that you can just focus on your performance/routine, etc... so that you don't have to perhaps have your hand always brush...
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    Pro-am Comps and entries

    How do you send a PM on here anyone?
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    Pro-am Comps and entries

    I will send you a PM don't think I should advertise on here. :)
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    Pro-am Comps and entries

    No, I'm in Toronto
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    Pro-am Comps and entries

    :p I need a cup of coffee....going to starbucks
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    Pro-am Comps and entries

    "ratio" is missing lol
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    Pro-am Comps and entries

    Great information, thank you everyone and the teacher is indeed a male :) I also know male teachers are more sought out than female teachers due to the fact that the female to male dance students is greater.
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    Pro-am Comps and entries

    Thank you very much to everyone who posted. To answer to some of the questions, he teaches all 4 styles, has extensive training from England and used to compete Pro but is wondering if a career in the States in teaching dance would be fulfilling as well as in what part of the country are...
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    Pro-am Comps and entries

    Hello all, I was just wondering what your experience was as teachers and/or pro-am students at dance studios with respect to competition entries for pro-am. has the recessions affected how many comps you do per year, how many entries, etc... I am asking because a friend of mine who is a dance...