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    the quantal shift - good to great and fast?

    I remember Adele dancing with David Griffin. They had excellent results.
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    Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidovs Waltz WSS 2008

    Opening natural - Right foot lead is on the 2 beat instead of the 1 beat. Hence right foot close is on the 1 beat and not the 3 beat as it should be. This continues throughout the video. . . Very strange. The dancing is amazing and i love it.
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    1st latin performance

    I agree with all that delamusica says, in that she dances very much on her toes. Using the heels correctly will give a more grounded, latin appearance. The length of steps seem fine to me. I find her dancing pleasant to watch and feel sure this will improve immensely with good coaching and lots...
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    Do you or don't you?

    I have been on the receiving end of this. An ex partner left me high and dry for another and this was when we were on a very steep upward curve results wise. My ex partner married the new guy and i have no bad feelings toward them. To answer the question, if some one of a much higher level...
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    Strictly Come Dancing

    The 1 point awarded to Gary from Craig was for his cooking skills and not his Chacha.;) I have seen far worse though Qvl9gV8Uiz4
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    Not Strictly Come Dancing.

    Brian & Kristina are like a breath of fresh air on Strictly Come Dancing. Kristina is my joint favourite female Professional & Brian is my favourite Male Professional. They are both charismatic, attractive, and highly talented dancers and i love them both. It`s a shame they haven`t been paired...
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    Not Strictly Come Dancing.

    Maybe i wasn`t clear in what i said !!! I`m not questioning the hours dedicated to rehearsals etc by the celebrities or their partners. . . . . etc. I`m complaining about the embarassing orchestra and their blatant disregard for strict tempo of dance. I found this John & Kristina Samba to be...
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    Not Strictly Come Dancing.

    The music played by the orchestra on Strictly Come Dancing has been awfully out of sync lately.:confused: Varied Tempo would be a kind way of describing the Samba`s on offer this week with one Samba i believe having a tempo over 50% faster than another Samba. The Professional demonstration...
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    Ideal Height Difference in Standard

    All my dance partners have been approx 4-5 inches shorter than me apart from one lady who was just 2" shorter. They have all been brilliant to dance with, however the tallest partner somehow gave a more comfortable `feel`.
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    Hustle - N.Y. Style

    I`ll echo your quote. I found the different styles interesting too. Ballroom is usually my favourite category but i liked the Latin Hustle best here. It`s my first time viewing Hustle.
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    Dancing Misfortune !

    Thanks for the advice Dancepro, however i`ll pass on it for now. I`ve never had a problem with floorcraft and don`t mind dancers near me.:)
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    Dancing Misfortune !

    I love the smell of shoe polish ! Beats `Coco Chanel` hands down.
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    Dancing Misfortune !

    As the immortal words of the drifters say Save The Last Dance For Me.:D Seriously though. . . . `A full crotch grab`! `At Every Party`!! `ACCIDENTALLY` !!! `You`re Pulling My Plonker` !!!!
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    Improve Your Paso Doble.

    The dance being Flamenco. An integral part of the Paso Doble.
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    Bryan Watson & Carmen. Strictly Come Dancing round 4

    How sad are the bbc to make the video available to just the U.K. ?? Does Strictly Come Dancing U.K. get shown in other countries ? In the U.K. We get to view D.W.T.S. It`s shown on Cable TV and Sky TV. Apologies for that. Just found the video on you tube. pvPEFUYpSoU