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    Can you "learn" how to have rhythm or a general aptitude for dance?

    Take him to a class. Pretty obvious.
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    Help, my dance partner gets on my nerves!

    Yes. You two are simply on different paths. I know many people on both paths ; The social one-or-two-nights-a-week have fun path and the all-i-want-to-do-is-salsa-7-days-a-week path. The later ones often become instructors, like me. You should: - Go out and social dance with *many*...
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    How to approach a lesson with a pro

    In privates, always work on improving the fundamentals/basics. Anything else is IMO a waste of money as you can gain those elsewhere. What are your current stumbling blocks to progress? If you don't know then that's something worth finding out. Then the how to fix or work on them. What may get...
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    Shoulder Isolation

    She is most definitely NY style, though I doubt Ernest even dances Salsa. The partner section at the end certainly isn't Salsa, it's just a demonstration of body movement to music. Btw, there's more than one variation of style in NY also, but most share common aspects. At this stage it...
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    Shoulder Isolation

    That's much too general a question to possibly answer in any sensible manner. In "Salsa" there are many different styles. Many different shoulder motions. As I said before, as to how to lift the shoulder, IMO just lift it. Don't think about it. That's part of your problem here. If...
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    Shoulder Isolation

    Hmm.. let's try again. You were talking about two different things in your first post. The up/down motion in the isolations video and the MANY different shoulder movements in the Oliver/Luda video, of which it's hard to identify which shoulder motion you're talking about (because you didn't...
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    Shoulder Isolation

    Part of the problem with this thread is that that's kind of a non-question. Since isolation means moving one body part but not moving the rest of the body. What is it about that instruction that's not clear? You want the motion to be natural and trying to move a particular muscle won't produce...
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    Shoulder Isolation

    Up is up, down is down. Do you need to know the names of all the muscles involved (in the back, arms and shoulders) in order to shrug your shoulders? As Yoda said, do or do not, there is no try.
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    Shoulder Isolation

    Yes absolutely agree.
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    Shoulder Isolation

    Btw, if you want something in the upper body to work on, rib cage exercises are much more important than shoulders for Salsa: Rib Cage Exercises Though again, it's knowing how to apply it so that you improve the quality of your basic step and not destroy it. Obviously taking direct...
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    Shoulder Isolation

    Well, "beginner" is a relative term and a badge of honour, so to speak, in that when we become "advanced" we move back to the "beginner" stage to work on improving the quality of our fundamentals. That you're only just starting to work on Cuban motion (e.g. hips) suggests you're are a relative...
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    Shoulder Isolation

    Agree with Terence, shoulders are the absolute last thing you should be worrying about as a beginner in any genre. Also, what that "someone" said to you is useless. Unless said person is your instructor and is willing to work through exercises to help you to do it the right way. Any random...
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    Mix Cuban walking around into Salsa L.A

    Rather than post the same thing on both forums I've posted just on SF:
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    Bachata Hips - Which technique is correct?

    Btw, at 4:10 when Jorge says "and this is our version, we do upper body and lower body" IMO he doesn't do the upper body, although Sunny does, so you may notice a disparity between the two of them. He's more leading with the arms rather than the body, which is an option but not really a good...
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    Is it true that no one at Group Practice will dance with Beginning male salseros?

    Haha.. perhaps it was the name that mislead me or perhaps it was the discussion on female videos of Bachata hips... :D