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    So You Think You Can Dance Season 8

    My favorite was Iveta and the tap dancer doing the quick step. (Will someone please pass me the humble pie.)
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    So You Think You Can Dance Season 8

    Disa, You may not know ballroom, but you certainly know dance movement. Missy has trained with younger ballroom instructors, that, in my opinion, move much better than Iveta. As I mentioned in another post, it surprises me that not more of these Russian ballroom dancers try out for the show. I...
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    So You Think You Can Dance Season 8

    I found another clip of their audition. I guess Bianka didn't make it past choreo. Too bad. To get that close, and not make it, must be a real heartbreaker.
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    So You Think You Can Dance Season 8

    I was so hoping to see this couple compete this year. They both dance it all and are the best dancers in the country. (IMHO) My daughter wants to compete next year, when she is old enough, but wouldn't stand a chance against Torri and Brennar. The...
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    So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 The SYTYCD clip was taken down. What did you think of Giovani? My daughter is flying out from L.A. tomorrow to Miami to begin training with him on full scholarship at the studio, to prepare for next seasons SYTYCD. (She was also...
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    So You Think You Can Dance Season 8

    The salsa dancers are Giovani and Bianka. (17 and 18 years old) They are from Miami. Giovani won't be eligible until next year, (too young) but I'm hoping that Bianka will make it on the show. was Colombian style salsa.
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    Musicality: The Third Partner

    Musicality has been a major issue with my daughter. It killed her at her first am/am comp. It doesn't seem to be something that can't be taught to her. It seems more of something she has to discover/become within herself. I have made some major changes in the way I have been coaching her...
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    what is pro-am dancing ?

    I must say Chris,...I love they way you phrase it..."...which is to be bluntly honest about it, largely about removing those with the more obvious unresolved issues." I guess that a dancers potential can sometimes be deterimined by if they can "resolve" those unresolved issues. LOL P.S. I...
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    what is pro-am dancing ?

    My daughter did great in a pro am comp she did some months back, but in her am-am comp she did this weekend, she went down in flames. Her event was the first night and the rest of the weekend she hung out with the other dancers. She apparently discovered something about the young adult latin...
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    Can a dancer continuously evolved at the same pace ?

    If my daughter (whom dances very well) could only get past a "mental" hurdle, it would be the largest leap she has had in dance in her entire life. The trouble is, she has danced since she was 2 1/2 yrs old and hasn't ever discovered/developed a drive/ambition/passion that many aspiring dancers...
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    Brazilian Carnival Samba Moves

    Sorry Leonid, I asked my daughter about it today and she pronounces it "bachakata" as well. She also says that it refers to shoulder motion.
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    Brazilian Carnival Samba Moves

    Hi Leonid, My daughter dances Brazilian samba. I think it's Batucada. (?) Added: I think that Batucuda is the windmill type arm movements with hip action. Is that correct Leonid? 2:47 in your clip.
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    How are your practices going?

    I'm freaking out here. After 2 yrs of learning latin, my daughter has her first am/am comp. this next weekend. She is only 16 and her partner is 18 and has been dancing latin for over 10 yrs. It's under21. They had a 2 hr private with their pro today and the pro spent most of the time working on...
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    Manhattan Dancesport Championship 2010

    The guy in the 4th photo has kitten ears. LOL I couldn't hold back from posting this...but is this the same "2nd" place couple? ....2nd place? They should be as happy as heck.
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    Salsa scenes

    In my opinion, promoters don't create the scene as much as the congeal the scene. What really creates the scene is established succesful clubs that get the crowd in who want to dance. Everything else trickles down from/feeds off of this. A club's success depends on an attractive/popular...