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    SHINE dance film in NYC

    Sorry I seem to have missed this discussion. Do you have a link for more information ...?
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    USDSC 2013

    Is this this week/coming weekend? Hmmm ... so that's where it looks like all the people I thought might be attending NYC Salsa y Bachata Congreso could be ... :cool: (Either that or out at NTC in Queens with the tenistas ... :joyful: )
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    Have you fired a student?

    LOL. Well, I've never put it that way exactly. I have a Pilates teacher who is a former dancer and simply brilliant, and what I told him once was "You're a natural athlete. Some of us have to work and think really hard in order to get what just comes to you naturally." Also, once in class...
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    Have you fired a student?

    You know ... I've been thinking. I'm a complainer, but my teachers always laugh, because what they're asking us to do *is* hard. And I always work hard. And that's been acknowledged by teachers. But should I still be complaining less?
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    What's the most embarrassing moment you've had dancing?

    That happened to me too. Yikes.
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    Ask out my teacher?

    This is probably what I was getting at ... except fascination said it better.
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    Feel of a lead vs variety. Sensitive follows vs those who need more.

    You know what never ceases to boggle my mind about this kind of discussion? When people think it's a "natural" expectation to be able to read their partners and the lead/follow they like right off the bat. Why would it be? Nothing else in life works that way. Why do people seem so adverse...
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    Ask out my teacher?

    What I think is really interesting about this whole dialogue you seem to be having with yourself is that I don't see much thought in it at all about how she might feel about it ... or how it might affect her. It seems to be all about you. And any relationship, no matter how casual, is about...
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    Dance Injuries! Share you stories.

    Oh, lord, the knee. Subluxated the patella, causing osteo on the outer knee, which I suspect contributed to the meniscal tear on the inner knee side (in conjunction with the congenital knocked-knee-ness ... which it would have been really nice to find out prior to the first injury, since I'm...
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    how do I stop being bitter an enjoy salsa dancing again?

    "Appear to be" is the key phrase here. I don't like to dance with leads like that, because, as TT said -- they don't adjust to me at all; they don't care anything about what *I* want. And it's more likely someone like that is going to try something that could dislocate my shoulder, because...
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    Womens Size 12+ Ballroom Dance Shoes??

    How "just too" is "just too small"? :-) Is there any chance a shoe stretching spray might help? One certainly helped me with my dance sneakers, and though I'm sure they're different material/fabric than your shoes, they're Capezios too. Also, if you're in NYC, perhaps a visit to World Tone...
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    Qualities of a "Partnerzilla"

    And even though I just got done saying I've been through it, I can certainly tell you've made up your mind and don't want to be confused with facts. So we can just leave it at that, can't we?
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    Qualities of a "Partnerzilla"

    No, it's really not. If you're off the beat as a couple the likelihood of your bumping into not just one other couple, but several, who are on the beat, is much higher. This is also a risk in ensemble dance -- the Broadway or jazz equivalent of corps de ballet -- so that may be why you're...
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    Qualities of a "Partnerzilla"

    I don't understand leads who get annoyed with us when we set limits with them for our own safety. :mad: I mean, what the wha ...?? :confused:
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    Qualities of a "Partnerzilla"

    This. SO much this.