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    happy b-day qpo

    happy birthday :)
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    psychology of the male dancer...

    It's human nature to stereotype, we've all done it.
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    psychology of the male dancer...

    Meeting women is the hot link to some [straight] men & dancing. Why some [straight] men stay away from dancing? Homophobia is a good theory - a result of generalization and word association. If more [straight] men associated words like dance to women vs. dance to pink tights.... they'll be...
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    Is Ray Rose and International better than Supadance ?

    Internationals (for women in Latin anyway) are made wider than other brands. I have ray rose blizzards and they're great. Although lately I've been dancing in my supadance and I'm starting to lean towards them again.
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    IDSF Ruling on Passports--Impact on USA Dance

    I just researched this.... you do have to be a US citizen. Isn't there an exception to the rule if an individual has lived and worked in the US for [certain amount of] consecutive years?
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    Virginia State DanceSport Championships 2009

    what r the dates for pro latin and am champ latin?
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    Jewelry - competing/costume

    Thanks all :)
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    Jewelry - competing/costume

    bump... hehe
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    What do i wear under a revealing Latin ballroom dress?

    I would wear a durable nude panty & bra and stone the areas of any peek-a-boo's.
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    Jewelry - competing/costume

    ditto, love the pic btw :)
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    Jewelry - competing/costume

    hello, hello DFers ;) long time no post huh? hope all is well. my dressmaker, who I think was on a time crunch, made jewelry by stoning crystals on metal bracelets... gorgeous, yet, so noisy. *cling, cling, cling*... my dressmaker is in russia for the summer so I guess I'm on my own... I...
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    Atlantic Dancesport Championships 2009--Photos

    my gosh the studio looks great!
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    Shoe Straps

    Thanks contracheck! Will try this!
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    2010 USA Dance Nationals in Los Angeles

    woooohooooo! :) :) :)
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    DwtS Week 11 - the Finals

    congrats markkkkkk & shawn! woohooo gilles!!!!!!!!! yeah melissa!!!!!!!!