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    personal opinions??

    If you are worried about how people will judge you and what they will think, you should videotape yourself, post it here, and ask for feedback. That is my best suggestion and keep in mind, you may find it fun to do! Also remember, try to have one or two "whoa! nice!" moments, especially toward...
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    Wikipedia project for salsa dancers in particular.

    Guys, unfortunately, I cannot edit my posts unless a moderator changes my permissions I think. Thus I will post about latest changes and things to do in a reply instead, with a reconizable landmark so that you will be able to spot them easily. ___________________________________ ===========...
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    Wikipedia project for salsa dancers in particular.

    About the actual list, it's a list of famous dancers so as long as the names are internationally quite known (in the salsa dance world), it will suffice for the purpose of the article. There are probably less than 100 famous dancers, and I don't see the list growing past that. Also, as the...
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    Wikipedia project for salsa dancers in particular.

    NOTE: I cannot post URLs yet so I will just write the keywords that you have to search for on the english wikipedia website instead. Done: "List of Famous Dancers" (needs more names) In progress: "Eddie Torres" (based on the bio the eddietorres dot com website and edited to be more...
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    Wikipedia project for salsa dancers in particular.

    To get the ball rolling, here are a few articles that should be done. Feel free to suggest new ones! -Eddie Torres -Albert Torres (promoter) -Frankie Martinez -Juan Matos -Milton Cobo -Eddie salsafreak -Al Espinoza -Supermario -The 3 Vasquez brothers -Salsa Congress
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    Wikipedia project for salsa dancers in particular.

    There really is a lack of info about salsa on Wikipedia, especially about the dancers. I would like to do something about it! Wikipedia is, in my opinion, the best website on the Net and will one day be considered as the first wonder of the information age. It is a free encyclopedia that...
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    How many spins can you do?

    With two different partners, I've managed about 100 and 75 respectively, but after the first 30 or so I was just torquing them around and it was ripping my arm apart. But they wanted a personal record or something so we did it for fun, and I had to carry them for a bit after. On my own, I've...
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    Seeking a most serious salsa practice partner, in Montreal, male or female!

    In preparation for the year 2006, I am seeking a partner for serious practice so that I can get working on my new year resolution - to improve my dancing a lot - right off the bat! By serious, I just mean that you need to want to improve, and to be willing to take the steps necessary to achieve...