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    High end comp latin dresses for sale, size 6-8

    Perfect for pro-am or open competitors. Each of these dress cost between 1600 and 2000 originally. My partner only wore them each for one comp, and ended up losing a lot of weight so they don't fit anymore. I'm going to ask $1,200 for each, but make me an offer and we'll see. You can pm me for...
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    Slavik & Daria

    I'm betting that if they do compete at Blackpool (which is the rumor in NY), they won't make all five finals. Maybe this was a bad choice for him.
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    Ballet for Standard dancers

    In my experience this is not true. Most of my coaches have had, at best, a nominal ballet vocabulary, as often as not attained after they began dancing ballroom/latin. Of course there are many many exceptions. I just don't think "most" is the right word...
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    Ballet for Standard dancers

    Or the investment of not -so-much time to actually enjoy ballet as it's own art form AND improve your ballroom dancing. If you're taking beginner classes the vocabulary is not such an insurmountable task. And ballet class is specifically designed to build your body as a machine, not just to...
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    Extreme Shaping

    When people start getting super uppity and judgmental about what is undeniably a remarkable physical ability. And since dance is first and foremost about what your body can do, I can't see a reason why a large shape in and of itself is cause for concern?
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    Extreme Shaping

    If you can do it and stay on balance than why not? Especially in a competitive setting, bigger is better insofar as it doesn't come at the cost of clarity of timing or balance. I feel like it's ridiculous and purist to say that extremes of movement are "bad". If nothing else it's very...
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    Are high priced coaches worth it?

    I think you need to figure out what the information they have is worth for you. Is Donnie Burns worth $250 for 40 minutes if what he tells you can make you world champion?
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    Second Hand Smoke at Competitions and Studios

    I think then we should lock all smokers in boxes until they starve to death and die. That's what the get #irony
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    How do you afford Ballroom Dancing Lessons?

    It depends on what you are willing to do. I have no exception titles to my name, but I make a decent living (for my age and situation) teaching kids. I can afford rent, food, transportation, and training, and I have time to practice 4-5 hours a day. Which in NYC, is not so little money. If my...
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    USA Dance Suspended from NDCA

    At the highest level, WDC provides more competition than IDSF, simply because the comps are open to everyone (Regardless of points, which in Europe decide what levels you can dance). Even in the US, the most competitive Amateur competitions, Nationals aside, are all NDCA.
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    USA Dance Suspended from NDCA

    Very few remain amateur into their 30's. The pretense that this is about the olympics in any real regard is absurd. Dancing gains nothing by inclusion in the olympics except money
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    USA Dance Suspended from NDCA

    The vibe in the community is definitely on the side of WDC/NDCA. If I were forced to choose between the two, I think I would solidly go with NDCA... Blackpool vs. Worlds? Easy answer. The same is true of most dancers at my club, and most of the other top latin competitors in the NYC and Boston...
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    2020 Olympics

    Ha pipe dream
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    Dance Legends in April

    And who will Slavik dance with? Himself? Obviously I must have forgotten that only Slavik is qualified to dance before the amazing World Champion of posting ten times in a row Mambo Americano.
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    Dance Legends in April

    I agree. Surkov and Leunis are the only couples currently booked I have interest in paying to see... and not enough to justify the expenditure. Bryan would make it worth the money for me.