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    American Smooth Shoes

    These are what I wear for Smooth competition - love them, super flexible - but also had to go with wide because of the narrow toe box. Otherwise, they are true to size.
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    Hair & Makeup appointment protocol question

    This has been my experience as well - and I always show him a photo of the dress as well as one or two images of hairstyles that indicate the direction I am thinking. I've been very happy each time.
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    Advice on pirouettes and fouetté

    This exercise has been working really well for me. Also make sure your pelvis is truly over the ball of the standing leg - it is very easy to slip back a hair before pushing off.
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    Dance Instructor Training Offering

    Agree - I had some ballet training years before starting ballroom and encounter the same issues with rhythm. But I've gone back to it recently and feel there is little better for improving posture, core strength and strength and articulation of the feet. So imo opinion it's overall worth it now...
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    Should professional dancers including teachers dance more socially?

    I've social danced with my pro exactly once, and it was rather excruciating - at least for me, LOL. He seemed to enjoy confusing me :-)
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    Professional Hair/Makeup Prices

    The last time I saw Boyko, it was $80 for his makeup team.
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    Things you have forgotten to bring

    I don't typically forget things for lessons because they live in the car - shoes on back seat, hair ties around the gear shift. Although the ties do seem to have a habit of losing themselves!
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    Training Hours: How do you allocate?

    1. Aerobic activity (non-dancing) such as running, swimming, or aerobics classes Average about 5 hours a week, all dance fitness or non-ballroom dance classes. 2. Stretching 3. Weight training to improve core strength or muscle tone. These go together - about 5-6 hours per week of Ashtanga...
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    That makes sense; I'd had some ballet training so the timing and flowing nature of the waltzes felt very familiar.
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    Has anyone ever achieved gold status on most of the 10 styles in 1 year?

    I can see the logic here but that has not been my experience - the striking action is coming along but I find it challenging. Everything about waltz and Viennese came along the fastest for me and felt very natural. The timing on foxtrot was tricky at first as I would slip into waltz but that is...
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    Competitors need a tan?

    Thanks - just found the Body Buddy brand on Amazon as well and ordered.
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    Competitors need a tan?

    LOL, my pro does a lot of nice things for me but not comfortable asking for that ;-)
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    Competitors need a tan?

    Thank you; I do spray but I like to supplement it to get darker.
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    Competitors need a tan?

    Thanks! You mean something like this? I will give it a try - looks like it might be easier than the handle ones.
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    What I Learned At My Last Comp

    At my next to last comp, I learned that putting too much pressure on myself truly is counter-productive. And that having to watch a final sucks 8-} At the most recent comp, I learned that my dancing is best when I've already achieved my goal (made final) or am not expecting great results. In...