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    DANCE SIMULTANEOUSLY for 10 minutes to create a positive vibe on Earth!

    Take Colorful photos from around the world Imagine some cool photos and costumes from ethnic dances worldwide. That would make a nifty web page and interest more people in dance.
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    What are your 3 favorite online cartoons?

    I read User Friendly, Get Fuzzy, and Dilbert. Would like a 4th or 5th one tho...
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    Creative Commons Argentine Tango Music?

    Anyone know of any Argentine Tango Music that was released under a Creative Commons License? And while I'm at it, looking for Samba as well. I want to make some YouTube videos without RIAA complications. Found a nice one for American Tango Sample Creative Commons Music / Tango Instruction...
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    How to dance a 6 count WCS to 8 count music?

    Counting Swing I believe swing should often be counted to 2, not always to 6 or 8. Look at what weight changes happen every 2 beats. for east coast swing as an example: Rock Step, Tri ple step, Tri ple Step would be counted 1 2, 1 and 2, 1 and 2. Forgoing for the moment a delayed action...
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    YouTube and dance routine music

    Creative Commons Music I use Creative Commons Music. Although it's time consuming to find the few useable selections for Partner Dancing. Blong206b on Youtube Haven't had any issues yet. Knock wood...
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    Love N' Dancing New Movie, More West Coast Swing interest?

    Anyone think the new West Coast Swing movie will boost WCS popularity in the general public? Tom Malloy, Amy Smart, Billy Zane. Jordan and Tatiana etc. should be pretty happy.
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    Contra Check Help

    Heather Smith Videos I Have (and Recommend Heather's DVD's), I only took one coaching with her and asked for help with my Promenade position, DanceVision Vegas Dance camp I believe. My dance partner Betty Takes from both Dariusz and Heather once every 6 weeks. I can't afford to fly to...
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    Contra Check Help

    Previous Contra Check Thread? Did the previous Contra Check Thread have any Links to informational videos I could use? I plan on retaping my Tango Syllabus videos and would like to improve my dance quality as well.
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    Contra Check Help

    Trying to clean up my Tango Contra Check. Anyone know of any YouTube type videos (free) that give demonstrations or pointers?
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    If You Could Only Do One Dance

    Slow Foxtrot When you and your partner hit those floating, effortless moments it's as close to heaven as you can get.
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    Share any simple routines?

    Simple Smooth Grouping to Music (Foxtrot) Simple, Short, Smooth
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    Help with Prom dancing!!!

    Prom dancing help You could be a test subject for my online dance instruction project. You'ld need some skills with Youtube and Google tho.. BLong206b
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    can some one tell me the names of these songs?

    Nice video Ok, that video kept me from working for 5 minutes. Now I can't sit still..
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    What would you dance to this song?

    Cajun Folk Did anyone else kill 15 minutes looking through Cajun / Folk youtube videos to try to find someone dancing to similar music? I looked for a slow One Step, no luck..
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    Netflix Recommendations

    Netflix recommendation Eat Drink Man Woman. Ang Lee It's conversational pacing allows for the Language gourmet to pick up a few more Mandarin Words. Wikipedia has a nice article started. I'm sure there are more reviews elsewhere. Good all around movie.