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    Practice exercices

    In its most basic form, close embrace is essentially about deterrence: each dancer makes it costly enough for the other to attempt to occupy his/her personal space that he/she is deterred from doing so.
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    Roll through the heel

    Back in the days when I took classes, I had a teacher who caught me doing that and told me it was wrong. He called it "walking on tiptoes" (of course it isn't really). In spite of his advice, I am much more comfortable when the front part of my foot hits the floor first. Usually I find it's the...
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    Roll through the heel

    At risk of stating the obvious, I think Gina's point was that regardless of direction traveled, or footwear chosen, some instructors recommend a placement of the foot all at one time versus others who favor a gradual landing from front to back—or back to front, depending on sex. And maybe she...
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    Silly Question: Boleos vs Planeos?

    Hi A Rabbit, Great that you're paying attention to the music. I agree that you should use the boleo more sparingly, and only when musically appropriate (not necessarily just a staccato accent but anytime the music calls for it), so if you are doing things right you will probably do the planeos...
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    Why do you choose the partner you choose?

    Compatibility is important... in short, having congruent goals. To take an extreme example, if one person wants nothing so much as to become a pro in the next few years, traveling all over, demonstrating her technique, and giving classes; and the other would be happy with a milonga every two...
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    Not touchy feely

    Angel, Beginners are essential to the continuity of a community and I agree that they should be encouraged as much as possible. However there is a difference between a beginner and someone who has been dancing 10+ years and still has terrible, presumably by now incorrigible habits...
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    Not touchy feely

    TD, this is what I do for what it's worth: If my wife asks me to dance (verbally, no cabeceo needed), I always accept. Men cabeceo her frequently. She accepts only if she knows he is a good dancer from past experience, or (when unknown) if she has seen him dance exceptionally well earlier in...