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    Internationals 2016

    Glad that Victor and anastasia won! Why didn't Arunas and Katusha compete?
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    UK Open 2016

    I watched the live stream on dsi. They started the waltz in the final without victor, and only realised about 30s in. They stopped the music and he hobbled on, and was visibly in pain! Also, surely the igor result is mistaken? I think they made the 48.
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    What do you guys think of the new WDSF technique books?

    true. for that, i refer to the endless list of youtube videos that i have spent too much of my life watching :D
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    What do you guys think of the new WDSF technique books?

    i think it is a nice way to codify new technique. especially since my coaches are always telling me things like, "well that is in the book, but now we do this instead." that said, i think it is infinitely better to just have lessons, than to have a video like that on technique. knowing that we...
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    What is an inverted hinge?

    hahaha i actually thought that was a proper video on the inverted hinge. inverted hinge and reg. hinge are on different sides! what actendance said sounds about right. (:
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    Follows to Same Foot Lunge

    Quick question (somewhat related): What's the difference between an inverted hinge and a same foot lunge? I have a same foot lunge, with a telemark into throwaway oversway. And it feels wonderful and dynamic with the shape changes (that aren't cosmetic). It looks exactly like in this Mirko and...
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    Feather Finish to Three Step

    I've always struggled with this. But I love the sequence so much. When I go to my coach (a semifinalist), and he tells me that in his honest opinion, the feather finish to three step is the most difficult part of foxtrot, I feel better about myself. :D
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    Who defines what Foxtrot should be? (John Wood, Edita Daniute)

    Yes! I think we have to separate the issue of the difference in mechanics and the difference in the style. Mechanically, the hold, foot placements, emphasis of outside/inside of turn are different for Eggleton (and presently Mirko, etc) than John Wood (and the Gleaves, etc). But it is up to the...
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    Top Couples Dancing both WDSF and WDC

    yes, what an interview! the competition reports also discuss style differences and the like. fascinating.
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    Finding "your" dancing

    drawing parallels between this and competitive chess, which i something i follow. the candidates tournament (competition to decide who gets to play the world champion) ended recently, and it was full of drama and a very high level of chess. Quoting from an interview of Kramnik, he was speaking...
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    Running Finish (Quickstep) Timing

    honestly, i don't remember what a running finish is anymore (like, open natural to running finish?). but if it is what i think it is, then i have it as SQQ. oops.
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    I think I'm becoming a YouTube addict

    On the topic of being addicted to youtube videos, I have watched this more than 5 times in the last two days. Can't wait to watch them in November when they come to Singapore! youtube watch?v=VwlRR8C5UB0
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    Tail-less suit - suggestions?

    dokman jacket by tony baileys?
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    Are you a femme fatale?

    as a man, what i would perceive as femininity in a lady is softness in her actions while dancing.
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    "Visualization" in (Dance-) Sport Psychology?

    I think the thing about proper visualisation for dance (at least the way I understand it), is that it's not just a mental image you put in your head, but something you embody while visualising. So in a sense, I'd be trying to 'visualise' the feeling of the compression in the joint over the...