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    Boot Scootin Boogie

    thanks I'll check em out. It was an after party thing.
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    Boot Scootin Boogie

    Hey, I haven't been dancing in a while. I learned the BSB but I have been to a couple different places and the version they were doin was different from mine. One of the places was a rodeo competetion so people from all over the US were there and they were all doin the same style. Does anyone...
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    name that dance

    figured it out, its cool whip
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    what do you guys do for living?

    for me dancin is just for fun, at the moment im a student
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    when's y o u r birthday?

    well my birthday is march 30th, 1982 so i will be 26 in a couple of weeks.
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    So, I have a few questions

    A) Well I was born in springfield, Oh, move to Middletown, De when I was 12, and now temp. living in monessen Pa until i grad school B) I am a student at the moment, though i used to teach line dancing with my dance partner. C) Fan of the arts but never perform, i did do the makeup on a couple...
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    What's Your Favorite Dance?

    i like a anything fast, but lightning polka, uno dos tres, hoo haa hustle, apple jacks, sweetheart shoddish
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    What songs should a band learn?

    i may be speaking for myself but i would suggest fast songs. i know when i go out, all they usaually seem to play are songs fast enough for a line dance but not too fast, i personally line fast songs for fast dances
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    name that dance

    howdy yall, new here and love to line dance. i used to teach with my dance partner for about a year till the group disbanned. anyway, there is a dance i have been wanting to learn and i cant seem to find any write ups for it. the song ive seen it done to is let it whip by dazz and the beginning...