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    Tango Basic Timing

    The way my coach teaches it, the weight transfer on a slow forward walk can occur anywhere between the 1 and 2. (So timing the weight changes, 1-3-5-6-7, 2-4-5-6-7, 2-3-5-6-7, and 1-4-5-6-7 would all be technically acceptable.) Usually you want the delayed weight transfer (2-4-5-6-7) to be...
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    foxtrot timing fix

    There seems to be a ballroom cover of the song, "Moonlight Serenade," on the album Let's Dance vol. 5 by the Columbia Ballroom Orchestra.
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    Competition Outfit: to what extent is a practice dress ok?

    My partner got a dress fitting this description from Taka Dance and was quite happy with it.
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    What to dance to this?

    By my count, "In My Daughter's Eyes" is about 62 beats per minute. Typically for American Rumba you want somewhere around 120, and for International Rumba 90-100 ish. If you really like the song, my recommendation would be to speed it up a little bit and try a Bolero. "Dance with my Father"...
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    Custom dress.....

    Popcon Atelier
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    Clothes for a first competition

    Yes, but what I learned last week is that while they're allowing costumes even in bronze, if you aren't wearing a costume all the old rules still apply. (Meaning no black shirts for Standard, etc. I've seen some ladies run afoul of the "good taste" rules as well.)
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    Chicago NQE - who's going?

    Me! Spectating tonight, competing tomorrow + Sunday.
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    Looking for a music title... please

    Welcome to dance-forums. I don't know the particular song you posted, but it sounds like a polka to me.
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    Returning to Box Step in American Rumba

    Personally, these days I just follow a lady's right break turn with a simple side basic (side, together-together), into the box. When I was a beginner, I was taught to use a 5th position break instead, and I agree that it was unintuitive at first. My difficulty came from the need to rotate my...
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    Dance Cards

    I know of exactly one venue that still uses dance cards. But yeah, it's pretty uncommon, and the clientele of that place tend to be pretty old.
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    burnout: causes and timeline

    Heh. Not sure how common a problem it is, but I knew a couple who decided to jump straight from Bronze/Silver to Novice/PreChamp. Let's just say their placements since then have not been so impressive.
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    Naming of tangos

    Learn Argentine tango, obviously.
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    Difference in casual dress and studio dress

    I almost always just wear whatever I had on throughout the afternoon. That said, sometimes I'll dress nice all day if I know it's going to be a ballroom night.
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    Newbie Dance Question: Placholder Moves?

    True enough, I guess, but can you expect a neophyte to really be able to judge these things? I know when I was just starting out, I had no idea what styles I'd want to study, hadn't heard about the reputations of different schools, didn't know what really great technique looked like, and...
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    Newbie Dance Question: Placholder Moves?

    Hehe, this happens all the time in science, too.