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    What do you do to get into the right mental state for tango?

    The music does it for me; if it's stuff I like e.g Tom Waits i will get into form real quick. If its Como Se Pianta la Vida; Tanturi/Castillo then my evening is made. (provided I am dancing)
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    mauricio castro

    and eating empanadas for four hours a day ;) :D
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    Whining Thread #2

    my samsung phone's predictive text has gone mad. It adds it's own words; sometimes these are words I used not long before.. first phone with Tourettes.
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    gratitude thread

    tomatoes and cucumbers from my greenhouse.
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    Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

    How to Train Your Dragon 2; excellent..:)
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    Reasons for less traffic?

    back to the op, no, the op at the top of the page;active following:I did a milonga workshop where the ladies and gents (leaders and followers if you must) danced solo for a while to a track; but the requirement was Always Small Steps; This was followed by the ladies dancing giro-fashion around...
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    DJays - what is your last song for a milonga?

    I like Como se pianta la vida Tanturi /Castillo 'how life slips away '
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    So ... how was your dance weekend?

    Yesterday After two workshops with Laura there was a break to chill and have food before the tea dance (tango) Laura put on some Piazzolla, then we switched to my laptop and I played her something from Vespers by the New Tango Orchestra. We started dancing. Opposite the village hall is a...
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    Weird snacks

    In my pre lactose-intolerance days, I had the most delicious stilton and smoked mackerel sandwich
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    I have a new tango analysis blog

    brilliant; can you PM me when its done. I'm not on DF very often.
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    I have a new tango analysis blog

    How about Igual de Bandoneaon Tanturi/Campos?
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    NFL Officiating at Milonga

    11. The man, trying to lead a difficult figure he doesn't understand, causes the woman to fall. Penalty Name: Clipping below the waist Penalty: The woman goes to the hospital for Xrays. This isn't as funny as it sounds. I heard a loud thump and saw a woman outstretched on the floor. It looked...
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    NFL Officiating at Milonga

    an offside rule? advancing before the ref blows his whistle? An following NFL maybe 10 yards progress is required for each song or you are sent off.