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    What is Chicago Stepping???

    I have some students that want to learn how to Chicago Step If you can help me out I well be happy.
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    The social aspect of Salsa.

    Cant get a dance some time i go out to clubs in my area anf there is one to salsa with I have been doing salsa for about 7 years I have tried to teach them but most people around here are stepper and dont want to try anything different.My wife is a good salsa dancer she can tango and do many...
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    Help! Newby lost in tango

    back ocho 0n the ladies back ocho starts on the 5th step where you cross into your cruzda with the left foot cross in front of the right ocho are figure 8`s the 6 count starts your ocho or pivit and your 7 is is a pivit with a tango close to the side
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    How big is the Tango scene?

    Black Tango In my town of flint michigan there is 2 people me and my wife about 75 miles from us there is about 100 alot of the tango we learn is from videos books and youtube and we are the only black couple that i know of that tango.