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    ballroom music and technology - what works best?

    Use "Ballroom Player", it's a new app made just for organizing your ballroom rounds. You can setup tempo, duration and sequence in the app.
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    Great New App for Practicing your Ballroom Rounds!

    Go to App Store and Search "Ballroom Player" I was about the start a poll to see how many people prefers Android over IOS, now the website seems to have eliminated that option after an accidental post and I can't even delete this....Sorry for the Extra SPAM
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    Great New App for Practicing your Ballroom Rounds!

    Ballroom Player is a beautiful app that's completely free! Even AD Free! Apple Music cannot be accessed due to Apple's copyright protection. So, use iTunes to import music into your phone and set your rounds up as you like. Duration, Sequence, break period and tempo... everything you want is...
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    Upgrade from Capezio to the British Brands??

    Recommendations for new dances shoes for standard?
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    Privates are my only real option. Will I not be able to social dance?

    Move to a more ballroom popular area, LOL
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    I kind of stopping going to most lessons after we pushed to Silver. The repeated Choreo lessons started to matter less and focus on technique became more important
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    When you watch your dance videos

    I'm a standard dancer, LOL. It always felt so well as if we were traveling so much and the frame is stick straight, but looking at the video~~~ I'm not sure how much progress I've made since being a newbie
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    Beginning Dancers' Frequently Asked Questions

    Wow, this thread is created a long time ago~
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    When you watch your dance videos

    It never looks as good as it feels