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    Beginner to freestyle

    Going to the social and dancing there is great practice. Most ladies don't mind if you make a mistake, as long as you are cool about it. So try not to refuse invitations to dance and ask some ladies yourself. You can always tell the lady that you're still a beginner. Getting out there and dance...
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    How to get Men to Dance

    Personally, I had no idea about the costuming in ballroom dancing before I started. Found that out on youtube videos later on. The reason for me to start dancing was to enhance my social life and I though dancing would be a good activity to do that.
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    I had a tough group class today. We did the slowfox for the very first time. I went OK with my regular dance partner, since we both did it wrong together, so it kinda worked out. After switching partners, I danced with someone who had more slowfox experience and it all fell apart. I clearly have...
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    dancing while standing still

    Maybe he needed some time to catch his breath ;)
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    Amateur Couples in America

    I've only been dancing for about a year and a half at a university club, but I have seen websites and heard some stories. The university club that I'm part of is a bit different from most studios in the area. The university has 5 different courses, which start with a beginners class. Each course...
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    Amateur Couples in America

    I see your point. But I doubt all of those 20 group class students will be willing to take a private lessons. Will depend on the group of people of course, but I think the point is clear. I think a combination between proper group classes and private lessons to focus on personal problems will be...
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    Amateur Couples in America

    I am by no means an expert on the dance scene in the USA, since I don't live in US. I live in the Netherlands. But it seems to me from reading these forums that the focus of lessons is very much on private lessons. And that group lessons are only used to teach a few beginner figures. Correct me...
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    Women asking men to dance.

    We'll probably hear soon about chainsaw massacre 2. Women goes wild on the dance floor and kills everyone.
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    Women asking men to dance.

    I've never seen a girl with a chainsaw on the dancefloor. Or they are hiding it underneath their dress.
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    HELP! I don't have a crush on my dance instructor, and I need advice!

    Why go through so much trouble. Just brew a love potion for your pro and all your dreams will come true. He/she will be totally in love with you against their own will. And take you on a romantic trip to Paris. You won't have to put any more effort into developing a crush for your pro, because...
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    New dance show on TLC

    The show starts around here in about 10 minutes. I'm gonna give it another chance. Maybe this episode will be better.
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    how are your lessons going? thread II

    We started with the Viennese waltz yesterday during our group class. Unfortunately...we only learned to turn to the right. So everyone had to stop every now and then because of dizziness. I hope we will do the turn to the left soon, so we can actually dance for a whole song without the need to stop.
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    New dance show on TLC

    I've seen one episode of that show on TV here in the Netherlands. I was a bit disappointed by it. It was more about "Look how much money I spend on dancing" than the dancing itself. The most disappointing part of the show was the dancing in the show itself. They didn't use the original music...
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    all i want is to dance

    Speaking from my own dance experience of about 1 year. I've been taking ballroom dance lessons. The steps I've learned so far are difficult to perform in the clubs I visit, because they are so crowded. There is usually not enough room to perform them without hitting someone. A few steps and...
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    Group Class Warm Up Excercises

    I don't really see the problem with it. I don't believe it is very different to a fitness class. A dance pro probably knows much better what kind of fitness exercises would be beneficial to dancing than an ordinary fitness instructor does. I can see why you wouldn't want to spend 30 minutes of a...