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    Song Lyrics Anyone know the lyrics of Amor Perdoname by mojito project? It is a fantastic bachata!!
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    Req Songs for Tango Technica

    Tango technica is a class with exercises to work on your body isolation, balance etc. Some teachers do a little warm up at the beginning of a tango class.
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    Req Songs for Tango Technica

    Hi there, Can you please recommend songs for Tango technica? I am looking for songs not necessarily tango, that are modern jazz that they have clear beat and possibly instrumental. Any advice or comments regarding songs for technica is very welcome and constructive. Thank you in advance
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    Remotely Playing Music?

    Hi All, A friend of mine is a good arg tango dj. Unfortunately he moved far away. I was wondering if there is a way to play his wonderful play list over the internet in our milonga. Can you suggest ways or software programs to use for this? Thank you.
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    REQ: El Ritmo Diablo

    Anyone got that so hard to find video yet?!!
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    Uruguay Tango Lessons?

    Instead of going to Buenos Aires where argentine tango and everyhing around it is highly overpriced some people recommend Urugay where you can find very good teachers with reasonable prices. Have you ever heard that? Any experience ?
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    Tango nuevo top list?

    I would never believe that my post and request for music would stir such a debate! Some of the nuevo songs I have heard are really nice so I am trying to find similar ones. That's why I asked for you help and suggestions for artists and songs are greatly appreciated. Thank you all. PS I am...
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    Tango nuevo top list?

    Hi there, Can you please suggest 20-40 songs that you consider the best for tango nuevo? Even better 2 lists one with famous artists and one with not so famous but with good music and songs? Thanks.
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    Frankie's Mambo

    Is this still available? Can someone let me know where to get this I have been looking for it for soo long.
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    Looking for 2 songs

    Thanks!! thats the one. Thank you a million.
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    Looking for 2 songs

    Hi there, I am looking for 2 argentine tango songs. The first one has lyrics with gato and you can hear a cat meoowing. It does not seem to be old song. The second one has the lyrics milonguita dedicada a salsa or milonquita dedicada a salsa. Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    REQ: Tango songs or Albums for Christmas?

    Hi there, Are there any tango songs or albums for christmas, new year and seasons greetings? I was just wondering. Thank you.
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    Hi there, Can you please advise on tandas? What should the duration of the song for the cortinas be? 10 or 20 or 30 seconds for example? Thank you. I forgot to mention that I was asking about the duration for the cortina song so now it is clear.
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    Can you please suggest Charleston Albums ?

    Thank you for your useful suggestion. It really helps.
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    Can you please suggest Charleston Albums ?

    I hope this is the appropriate forum :) Can you please recommend/suggest albums songs for charleston? Thank you.