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    Slavik and Karina - Rumba

    Thank you, both of you for your help, now i just have to search for a copy of it lol
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    Slavik and Karina - Rumba

    Does anybody know what the music they are dancing to is called? I have fallen in love with it but can not find the name of it anyhere. Thanks :)
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    dwts-- u.k. version

    I can't post links until I have more thaan 15 posts apparently, anyway.... If anyone is interested in seeing the dance, it is now on youtube. it's on there as "East Coast, West Coast Swing - Strictly Come Dancing 2006", added by member strictlyrumba.
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    dwts-- u.k. version

    I watched it, and I don't know about the east or west coast swing, but the whole thing just looked awkward and nasty. I have been watching the American dancing with the stars via a website and I have to say, compared to the quality of dancing on that show, I don't really enjoy the U.K version.
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    What's your "useless talent"?

    I have a useless talent. If i lay on my stomach, i can touch the back of my head with my foot :oops:
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    I have no idea how to dance :(

    sportsskool- I hope you have a good time. like cl5814 said, jsut read through this thread and you will be fine. another good tip, is to smile while you dance. even if you are a nervous wreck inside, you will look confident. and enjoy yourself. :wink: I don't post on this forum very much...
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    Solar Eclipse

    Is a solar eclipse when the sun is covered by the moon, so it goes dark in the day time? if so then i experienced one in England, it was in either 1999 or 2000 and in August, was standing in a muddy field and cows started to chase me. it has scarred me for life :P
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    Member Introductions -- Index

    Hi everybody. i am not exactly "a new member" but i haven't posted much and i intend to become a regular here, so i thought i should introduce myself to you all. Name:Camille Age:19 D.O.B. : 31 october 1985. Sex:female Location:Cornwall UK I havent started dancing yet. I have signed...
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    Come Dancing in USA (more)

    I have to admit, it was Strictly come dancing that got me interested in ballroom and latin dancing, i saw how fantastic those people looked and i wanted a piece of it. I'm a dance addict now. I saw Strictly Dance fever, and it is very different, SCD only showed ballroom and latin and it was a...
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    Cyborg nick-name

    C.A.M.I.L.L.E.: Cybernetic Artificial Machine Intended for Learning and Logical Exploration
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    Fancy a date?

    I don't really know anyone on here to go on a date with, but i think your all brilliant fun people so i wouldnt be fussy. :P
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    The Peach is getting married!

    Congratulations :banana:
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    What type of dog are you?

    I'm a french bulldog!! it said people have to get used to my gentle snuffling and i am kind, but i will go off and sulk when disgraced :P
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    Let's talk makeup!

    DM, I was shocked to read about your mother! my parents were the opposite, i was never allowed to wear make-up or any clothes that came higher than my ankle and lower than my neck. now, i wear alot of make-up, but i tend to give people nightmares if i go without it :P
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    Peeling satsumas, mandarins, clementines etc

    I use a knife and cut the skin, or i get in a stress and get my boyfreind to peel them for me :roll: I have inch long nails so it is hard for me too peel them.